14 Life-Changing Stories from 14 Books (You Must Read)

Today, I’m going to share 14 unique stories and recommend 14 books that will improve your life if you start applying what you learn from them!

1. Snake Needle Death

There was a time when Russians used to do experiments on prisoners.

Such experiments could take their lives! Obviously, this was an inhuman thing, but it was in practice in earlier eras! The experiment was used to be done on those prisoners whose penalty was death!

This means their fate was inevitable! In this situation, A Russian scientist experimented on a prisoner whose penalty was death! Scientists gave him two options!

First options-:

As prisoners were used to being given the death penalty by hanging.

The second option-:

He can choose where a snake will bite him, and the snake will be poisonous, and in five minutes, he will die.

In the second option, his family members were given some rewards.

So, the prisoner thought I would die, and I should choose the option with snakes. When the day of his execution came, he was blindfolded.

The snake was brought near to him! And the sound ‘hiss-hiss’ was audible to him.

Then that prisoner was got bitten by the snake. And guess what? In five minutes, the prisoner got dead!

It was pretty exciting and shocking! Do you know why?

But in reality, he was not got bitten by a snake! Just a needle was pierced! And he was getting believed that a snake had bitten him!

The shocking part was that person died after that thing.

And when it was inquired how he died, venom was found in his body! Whereas the snake didn’t bite him! This thing resulted in ‘The Power Of Belief‘.

Our brain is such a powerful machine which can turn truth into a lie.

So, you can use this amazing this to get ahead in life.

If you start training yourself consciously and subconsciously so that you can do great things in life, then guess what, you will be able to do!

There are two excellent books on this to use the subconscious power of your brain, ‘PsychoCybernetics’, and ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind‘.

2. Sachin’s Autograph

A match was going on between India and Australia.

There was a bowler named Brad Hogg, who took the wicket of Sachin Tendulkar Ji.

At that time, taking Sachin Ji”s wicket was considered a great thing.

So, after taking his wicket, he did a lot of sledging.

After the match was over, he went to Sachin Tendulkar, took a photograph and asked him to sign and write that Brad Hogg had taken my wicket.

Any person could get angry here, but Sachin Ji didn’t do this! He smiled and wrote on the photograph. ‘This is your first and last wicket of mine.

And after that, they played 45 matches together. Not even in a single match was Brad Hogg able to take his wicket.

Here, you can learn two lessons! The first lesson is ‘it’s not great to talk great’.

But sticking to one’s commitment, and proving it, is a great thing.

And it was not that Sachin had just spoken it. He used to practice a lot! He stuck to the commitment and what he said.

And the second lesson is you should not be in your ego.

Those who are egoistic can’t do anything significant in life, even if they do it one or two times by luck.

So, if you want to be great in life, remember, ‘Ego is your Enemy.’

There is an exciting book with the same name.Ego is your Enemy’ by Ryan Holiday. You must read this book.

This lesson and this book can completely change your life.

3. Picasso Women And Painting

Once, Picasso was painting, and a woman came to him. That lady doesn’t know anything about Picasso.

But still, Picasso doesn’t care about it.

After that, he picks the brush, makes a painting in under one minute, and gives it to the woman saying that this painting is worth 50 lakhs.

When that lady hears that, she starts laughing. She says, ‘are you joking?’

It’s impossible! But when she wanders into the museum the same day, She tries to know the rate of that painting and goes to the museum owner.

That person looks at the painting, looks at the painting, his signature, and says, ‘Ma’am, I can give you 50 lakhs for this painting’.

After that, she gets shocked by listening to this! He goes back to Picasso and says, you said absolutely right! This painting is worth 50 lakhs! But how??

You made this painting in under one minute! But how is it worth 50 lakhs?

On this, Picasso says an exciting line! And an interesting lesson is hidden in this! He says, ‘the painting I’ve made in under 30-40 seconds, worth 50 lakhs today, to learn how to make them, I took 30 years.

It took more than 30 years to get this name! See friends, to achieve something great in life; it’s essential to achieve mastery.

When you achieve mastery, you become famous publicly; this gives you unimaginable returns.

There is a book named ‘Mastery’ by Robert Greene. This book teaches you how to achieve mastery.

4. Mother In Law And Daughter In Law

Once, a daughter-in-law is very bothered by her mother-in-law. Because they fight every day, and she gets very upset because of it.

So, she goes to a physician. And says, ‘please give me poison to give it to my mother-in-law!

So that she gets killed and I don’t get blamed! On this, the physician sees her, thinks a little bit, and says, ‘Okay, I’ll make poison and give you, but I have a condition, the poison which I’ll give you, you have to give it to her for 30 days, one drop in water every day, so that it’ll effect gradually!

This is the first condition! The second condition is you don’t have to fight with your mother-in-law; no matter how angry you are, you don’t have to fight with her.

Because once she gets extremely angry, the effect of poison may be reduced! So, no matter what happens, you have to talk nicely! And she agrees to this and takes poison with her.

After 30 days, she comes to the physician and says, ‘please do such a thing that my mother-in-law won’t die.’ Because now I don’t have a problem with her. We are living happily together.

The lesson here is that when we are angry with others and expect something from others, in return, we behave in the same way the other is behaving with us.

And it is being taught in many books.

If you expect love from the person in front, you also should behave with love.

If you behave like angrily, you’ll get angry in return.

It’s people skill which is very important to possess if you want to do great in your business and personal life.

To achieve this, you can read the How to win friends and influence people book, and can also read ‘As a man thinketh‘.

But the lesson is the same! If you want someone to behave like what you want, try to become like that first.

First, become a giver; the person in front will reciprocate the way you want. Try it for some days.

5. Divorced Man And 70$

There is a man who gets divorced! All his money is wasted! He gives it to his wife! Only 70$ is left in his account! According to that time, 70$ is not too little and not a lot either! So, he decides to have fun with 70$.

I’ve lived enough of my life according to others! I’ll stay in a 5-star hotel and will have fun for these 70$.

When he was going with his plan, his eyes fell on a newspaper which said there was a goldmine around the place where he lived!

Its auction is going to happen for very little money! Anyone interested can come! He thinks of goldmines, cheap rates, and all these things as scams.

But still, he had nothing to do; he decided to go! He reaches, thereby paying 70 rupees! The strange thing is that when he reaches there, he sees no one is there.

The auction is going on, but everyone thinks it is a scam.

There is no gold in that goldmine! And that is true! When he reaches the auction, he gets the goldmine for 70$.

But still, he thinks about leaving and that nothing will happen! He decides and then gives 70$.

All the workers who are working there also are paid for that day! And the owner of that goldmine is broke! So, only 2 hours left, where they are working! And based on 2 hours, it’s their last day!

Because the goldmine owner broke, he doesn’t have money to pay workers.

Still, two hours are left! That person says, no issue, you guys work for two hours.

If I get something, I’ll pay a little share to you.

The workers also decided to do it because of the last day! And guess what? Within a half hour, they get a piece of gold! They get extremely happy and do more mining; after one or two days, they get a lot of gold! Due to this, they all become millionaires!

There is a quote from Woody Allen!

‘80% success is just showing up!’

It means that Most of the time, our getting up, taking action, and reaching the spot, this thing makes us a winner! This story also shares all these things!

Many times, many decisions come in our life where we think that we should take the opportunity and take risks, but we still don’t take them!

But those who become millionaires and billionaires avail themselves of opportunities that seem silly to others, take action, and that gives them success.

So, making the right decisions is essential! On this, I’ll recommend two books!

Awaken the giant within‘ and ‘All In.’ These books are pretty impressive, which will help you to avail opportunities89 going all in.

6. A King And 2 Lessons

There’s a king who has three sons. All of them are good and sincere! But there is a problem that they fight with each other.

They don’t agree with one another.

But the king fears that, when he dies, all kids will keep fighting with one another, ruin their kingdom, and break it.

So, he goes to teach them a lesson.

When he is on his deathbed, he calls them one by one. When his first son comes, he gives him a map in his hand.

Basically, this map is of a distant village; There is an X mark on a tree! The king says, ‘You must go to the village and see that tree. And after coming back, you have to tell me, What did that tree actually look like?

He also calls his second son! He also gives the map to him! And that’s how the first son sets out on a journey! He goes and comes after seeing the tree, writes all the details, and returns to the king.

Four months pass.

Now, he calls his second son. He gives the map to him and asks him to do the same thing. He says, ‘there is a very far tree; you have to go there and tell me what that tree looks like.

The more you accurately tell me, the more chances there are that this kingdom will be yours. He also gets happy.

He reaches the village after months of travelling, sees the tree, collects the details, and returns again! After four months, he calls his fourth son! He gives him the same map; He tells her to go and see the tree and come!

That third son does all the things and comes back.

When they do that work, he calls all his sons and says, I have given you a map! Those three maps were from the same place! I want all of you to tell me what the tree looked like.

One who can tell me the right way how that tree was, I’ll make him the king of this kingdom! On this, the first son says, that was a simple tree with lots of fruits and leaves.

The second son says, ‘no, you are wrong. That tree was orange in colour and had a lot of flowers. On this,

the third son says, ‘no, both of you are wrong; that tree was dry and had no leaves, fruits, or flowers! Nothing!

All of them start fighting with one other.

The king says, ‘see, kids; you have this one problem’.

To be honest, all three trees were the same! But all of you have seen that tree in different seasons! When the first one went, it was summer, when fruits grow on it.

You saw that tree at that time, so that tree looked different to you! The other son saw that tree in the rainy season! And the other son saw that tree in the winter season when they were completely dry. The king taught them two crucial lessons.

You should never judge others from your own perspective! And the second lesson is everyone’s time changes!

One thing which is like this today, it is not necessary that it will remain like this! He also said to ‘respect other’s perspective.’

It is not necessary that just as you have seen the world, the person in front must have also seen it! Your perspective can be different! But you should learn from different perspectives instead of fighting!

If you apply this vital lesson, which can change your life completely! One book which I’ll recommend you to apply this lesson is ‘Think Again.’

7. Guru Shishya And Cow

Once, a teacher arrives in a village with his student! There is a farmer in the village who respects this teacher a lot! ‘Guru Ji’, it’s too late today, you stay at my house!

I’ll serve you food, and you leave tomorrow! The teacher agrees! He lives in that house with his student!

While living with him, he notices a thing; the farmer loves his cow a lot! He always keeps thinking about that cow!

Although that person is quite wise, because he loves his cow so much, he is using his intelligence for that cow!

But later, he comes to know that he wants to do business! But he says, there is no one to take care of my cow, so I can’t do anything else.

So, I’ll take care of my cow! It consumes my whole time! After listening to this, that teacher says nothing! They get up at 4 am the next day and leave with their student.

They even take the cow with them! That student doesn’t understand why the teacher is doing this.

But he doesn’t have the courage to ask questions from his teacher! So, he doesn’t ask him! A few years pass! After this, the teacher gives the cow to that student and says, ” You take it and give it to that man.

When the student goes there, he sees that where that farmer’s house is built now has become a big palace! The farmer has become a prominent businessman!

He has so many cows, has so much land, and has many staffs, to take care of all things.

When that student talks to the farmer, he comes to know how when they spent that night there, that day was the worst and best day of his life.

When his beloved cow parted from him, he started seeing his life on a significant level.

He started working on his dreams and did everything he could, and his teacher understood that. Sometimes, we get attached to many things.

And gets so much attached that we don’t see anything else.

But the truth is that if you want to be great in life, you should keep yourself detached from every type of thing.

Remember, whatever we have today in our lives, is borrowed! These are only for a short time! The soon we understand this, the faster we will appreciate this thing and will be able to move on,

which is essential to have in life if you want mental peace and to achieve great things.

There is a book named ‘Essentialism’ to apply this lesson, which you must read.

Story No.8

There is a boy who is very upset in his life! He has no money, and the one who loves him! And he doesn’t have respect in society!

So, he is always tense! Through his neighbour, he knows that Gautam Buddha Ji has come to his village! If he goes to him and tells them his problem, then he will find a solution for sure!

So, he leaves for him! He has just started the journey; a house nearby has its owner! She asks him, ‘Where are you going?’

He says that I am going to the Gautam Buddha to find answers to my questions! Then she says, you are going and ask one question from my side!

I have a beautiful daughter, who is 20 years old, but till now she has not started speaking! So, ask Gautam Buddha when my daughter will start speaking!

Then he says, okay, I’ll for sure! And then he continues his journey! As soon as the village ends, that big mountain comes before him! He sees a magician sitting over there with a big stick!

He doesn’t understand how to cross this giant mountain! So, he starts talking to the magician! While talking, he says, I’ll help you to cross this big mountain! But I have a condition, ask one question from Gautam Buddha Ji from my side also! I have been doing this penance for the last 100 years.

But I don’t know whether I’ll get to heaven or not! So, ask him, how can I reach heaven?

The boy agrees to this condition! The magician makes a way through the mountain by his magic, through which he passes comfortably!

After crossing the mountains, a big river comes, and there’s a turtle beside him who talks to him! He asks him, where are you going?

The boy tells him, I’m going to the Gautam Buddha to get the answers to my problems! Then the turtle also says to him, okay, I’ll help you to cross this river, ask one question from my side also!

I’ve been trying for the last 500 years by trying various things, I want to be a dragon, but I’m failing! So, please ask him how I can become a dragon.

He says, okay, I’ll ask! After this, the turtle helps him to cross the river!

The boy reaches out to Gautam Buddha Ji, tired! After reaching there, he comes to know that he can ask questions! But Gautam Buddha Ji puts some conditions, that he can ask only 3 questions!

He gets upset hearing that. Whose questions may I ask? Whose question should I leave? After thinking a lot, he finally decides! That my problem isn’t so big! And the problems of those three people are so big and have been had for a long time!

He starts asking questions one by one! When he asks questions of that woman related to her daughter, Gautam Buddha Ji replies when she marries, she will start speaking!

He answers the magician’s question when he leaves his magic vend, which he always carries with him; he will get the way to heaven!

And related to the turtle question, he says when he comes outside from his shelf, he will become a dragon!

And these are the answers to all three questions!

After getting all answers, he goes back! He meets the turtle and gives a solution to him!

As soon as he comes from his shelf, he becomes a dragon! He gets happy and tells the boy; there are many diamonds on my shelf.

You helped me so much, so I want you to keep them! That boy becomes so happy, takes everything, and returns to the magician!

When he tells the magician, he gets very happy! He says that this magic vend is magical and very useful! But all I need is heaven!

So, instead of throwing that magic vend here and there, and gives it to the boy and asks him to use it!

I think you deserve it! He leaves the magic vend and leaves for heaven! And finally, when he goes to that woman and tells her, she gets very happy!

She says you’re a very good person! So, I want you to marry my daughter! After which he marries her and she starts speaking, and everyone’s problem gets solved!

In this story, the first life-changing lesson is to think about others instead of being selfish! When you think about others, God will always help you!

Story No.9

There is a British farmer named Clark who has a childhood dream that he will travel the world on a big ship!

So, to complete this dream, He earns a lot of money by farming! And finally, he gets a chance to learn about a big ship, and he decides that I’ll go on this ship for sure!

So, he gets excited and buys the ticket for that ship for himself, her wife and his five kids! Together with them, he wanted to go on a journey!

He starts counting days one by one! But as the day of entering the ship comes, a day before, his pet dog bites one of his dogs!

Due to this, his son gets very serious! He is not in the condition to travel.

He convinces his wife to leave their son with relatives and leave for travel.

Because he has invested his life’s deposit in buying that ticket! But still, his wife refuses!

And she refused to go! Due to this, the kids also deny travelling.

Now he has two options. The first one is to go on the ship alone. Or he can live with his family in his house.

He chooses the second option!

And lets his life’s deposit be wasted! He gets very sad! He gets angry with the dog and even beats him! And spends his days sadly.

But after five days, he gets the news. On 15th April 1992, he gets the news that the ship he was going to travel in has sunk.

The ship I am talking about is the Titanic; the maximum number of people who went on that ship died!

As soon as he gets news about it, he goes to his dog and hugs him.

And thanks to God that the dog bit him.

Having the attitude of ‘whatever happens, happens for good.’ Many people can argue over this that it’s wrong to think like this.

The moral of the story is: Everything doesn’t happen for good! When you have this attitude, your stress will reduce to a great extent.

Your worrying level will also decrease! Remember, the more we take stress, the more problems will increase.

To learn the same, there is a very good book, ‘ Think like a Monk‘, which you must read.

Story No.10

There is an intelligent boy named Yash! He always tops in his class.

Due to this, his parents have high hopes that our kids will make us proud.

He passes the school decently. But when he reaches college, his company goes bad! He gets very toxic friends.

He starts going to parties with them and doesn’t focus on his studies! You can say he indulges himself in bad things.

His parents insist he studies! But still, he says, ‘I’m the topper of this class’! I’ll top it again, don’t take the stress! But after two years, during his main exams, he gets failed one subject!

He feels so sorry for this thing that he locks himself in a room! He stops going out and talking to people.

Because he is so ashamed of himself, how can I get failed to be a topper?

The good thing is that a college principal knows about Yash very well.

He thinks about Yash, so he invites him to his house. This time, Yash can’t refuse! He goes there with his parents.

And there they talk on the lawn. The principal knows he’ll not understand if he tries to make him understand! So, he does a weird thing.

He takes one piece of coal out of the bonfire and puts it on the ground. Due to this, their grass starts getting fire! And the coal starts extinguishing! Extinguishes completely!

But after a short time, he takes that piece of coal out and puts it in the bonfire.

After a few minutes, that extinguished piece of coal starts burning. After seeing this, Yash gets curious about what the principal did.

He asks why he did do this. The principal says, didn’t you understand?

Yash says, No, I didn’t understand! He explains to him, Yash, you’re like this piece of coal. When you got out of the excellent environment and got mixed with bad ones, your fire got reduced!

And you couldn’t do your main work, which was ‘to study well’.

You can change this again! If you keep yourself in good company and associate with good ones, a little time will pass, but you’ll get your fire back because you have that capability, just like this piece of coal.

This is the third life-changing lesson which you should follow! Your environment, and the people you associate with, it has a significant impact on your direction! Whether you’ll achieve success or failure in life!

To learn this thing, there is a very good book named, Awaken the Giant Within’ by Tony Robbins! You must read this!

Story No.11

There is a traveller who is passing through the desert. Then a storm comes, and he gets lost! He doesn’t get understand where he has to go!

And because of the high temperature, his water runs out! He feels so thirsty that he doesn’t know what to do!

He starts searching for water here and there! After searching a lot, he finds a water pump! He runs towards that hand pump and diligently tries to make it work! He works hard, but not a single drop of water comes out!

A hut is built next to that pump! He goes inside it.

When he goes inside, he sees a note written there. And there is also a water bottle too! It is written on the note, ‘Put this water bottle in the pump, and then try again to make it work, and then the water will come!

In this challenging time, he has two options.

Either drink that little water or get more water by putting that water in the pump.

By putting his hand on his heart, he opts for the second option!

He put that leftover water in the pump. After which, fortunately, a sound comes from the pump, and water starts coming out.

He drinks a lot of water, quenches his thirst, and carries a lot of water with him! But before going, he writes one more thing on that note!

He writes, ‘Have faith, this works’. The moral of this story is faith! You get results many times when you do something extraordinary by having faith and believing in yourself.

If you have to do something big and change your life completely, you must keep faith in yourself.

You’ll have to keep faith in things and processes! Faith will help you to move ahead in life!

A book that can help you gain this quality is ‘Think and Grow Rich, which you must read!

Story No.12

Some researchers experimented on monkeys, where they locked five monkeys in a cage! And hung a banana over their head!

To get that banana, they had put up a ladder too! But when that monkey wanted to take that banana by taking the ladder, they threw water from outside on all monkeys.

Due to this, monkeys used to feel very bad! Those people would go down and run away! They started doing it continuously!

Whenever a monkey tries to climb the ladder, they would torture them with water! After this, slowly, the monkeys started to understand if they climbed the ladder, they will be punished!

Then, without even speaking to each other, they decided together, If anyone climbed the ladder, they would beat him!

And they started doing this! As long as that thing happened to 5 monkeys, that thing was right! But then researchers started doing exciting things.

They started taking out older monkeys and locked a new monkey.

Whenever a new monkey tries to climb the ladder, all the monkeys together would beat him! Due to this, the new monkey also understands that ‘I shouldn’t climb here otherwise, they’ll beat me.

That’s why he got down! In the same way, they would take out another old monkey and introduce a new monkey.

The same thing would have been done to him! If he climbed the ladder, the old monkeys would beat him together. They did it so many times that a time came when all the older monkeys went out.

All who were left there were new! They were new ones, but when a new monkey used to come and try to climb, they also beat him.

These monkeys didn’t even know why they were killing that monkey.

But since they himself felt such a bad experience because of another monkey climbing up, they used to beat that monkey without thinking! And this thing happens in real life many times.

And this is the life-changing lesson of this story! Sometimes we try to do the same things which other people do.

We do engineering because others are doing engineering! We didn’t even know why the people who were used to it!

But because everyone is doing and getting the benefit, and if they don’t do, they will lose. That was their thinking.

Because of this, we also walk in the crowd! But this isn’t right most of the time.

You should know why you are doing that particular thing and its outcome.

You shouldn’t do that thing just because everyone is doing this! If you’ve to learn about it, there is a very good book named, learned optimism.

Story No.13

There’s a small businessman who has to hire a person! Now, two people have come for the interview! He gives a task to both of them!

He says, ‘visit a village and survey how many people would like to buy our shoes! Both candidates start doing their research!

First, one sees that no one wears shoes in this village!

Everyone wears slippers, wear sandals and other different things. But no one wears shoes.

So when he goes to the businessman, he says, ‘I don’t think we’ll be successful here! Contrary to this, when the other person goes there and makes a detailed report, and when he comes to the businessman, he says, See, there are 500 people in this village!

But the good thing is that the trend for shoes hasn’t started yet! No one wears shoes here! That means everyone is our targeted audience!

So, if we do hard work here and create awareness, and will tell the benefits of shoes to the people, we can sell shoes to half of the people.

And if we sell shoes ranging between ‘250-850rs.’, many people will buy these shoes.

And there is no competition! We can create a kind of monopoly here! All these things make a great opportunity, about which we should take action as soon as possible, and try to make everyone our loyal customer, by giving good quality things.

Tell me which of these two candidates businessmen will like more! Obviously, the second one!

There is a quote by Sun Tzu, ‘victory comes from finding opportunities in problems.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 7-BOOKS-that-will-change-your-life-7-Life-Changing-Stories-by-Seeken-14-6-screenshot-1024x576.png

And this is the life-changing lesson from this story! Problems will come into your life for sure!

But how can you move ahead by using those problems? This thing will make you a winner or loser!

But how do you react to these problems by handling them and moving ahead by using them, or don’t achieve anything by making excuses?

It depends on you! There are two good books related to it, which you can read! ‘The Art of War, written by Sun Tzu, and the second is ‘How to stop worrying and start living.

Even in that book, the author has told how, by overcoming those problems, you can use them for your benefit.

Story No.14

Once a prominent and famous astronomer comes to a village!

When the king knows that such a famous astronomer has come to him, He invites him to his palace and asks him to tell him about his future.

On this, the astronomer tells him, Your eyes will stop working within three months! When the king hears this, he gets very angry!

He says, ‘what nonsense! He gets him out of his palace and village and lives his life as he used to live before!

Then as three months pass, the king’s eyes stop working! As soon as he loses his eyesight, he remembers the Astronomer!

He sends all his soldiers to the astronomer.

He asks them to find him. After finding out, he apologises to the Astronomer and asks him what I can do to regain my eyesight! On this, the astronomer calmly says, if you start seeing only blue colour, this can correct your eyesight!

As soon as the king hears this, he becomes very happy! And he gets out of there quickly! He paints his entire kingdom blue!

His palace, all villages, their walls, paints everything blue! In this, a lot of money from that king goes! But still, he gets happy that at least his eyesight is coming back!

A few months pass! That astronomer is going through that village; he notices the whole village is blue! After which, he quickly goes to the king and says, when you came to me, and I gave the solution to you, you listened only half of me, and you left!

I was about to give you a solution: get blue-coloured goggles.

So that you see everything blue! Because of that thing, your eyes will be right! See guys,

The moral of this story is, sometimes, when we take actions in a hurry, and start taking actions based on half knowledge, many times, it can cause a significant loss to us.

It’s not necessary that it’s the best solution! So, it’s necessary not to indulge in half knowledge! Focus on taking full knowledge! And this is the seventh important life lesson which you need to understand.

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