How To Ask Something Nicely

How To Ask Something Nicely

How To Ask Something Nicely?

How To Ask Something Nicely: It is widespread for us to ask Something from our friend’s colleagues, and family, but many times we don’t get a yes as an answer, and many times we fail to get a positive response for the favours which we have asked for, many times we asked for something but didn’t get it, What does it take to ask for what you want and then get it? How would you ask someone nicely, for example, “would you take my course for me?” We ask, but do we ask nicely, politely properly?

Most people feel that asking for something isn’t a big deal. We don’t need a master’s degree for asking something to someone; we need to go and tell them what we want. If you believe that asking for something isn’t a big deal or it’s straightforward, then such beliefs of yours are just a myth. Because asking something from someone requires skill.

Asking is an art which needs to be completed politely and nicely. People who ask for favours and get a yes as a response knows the art of the great ask. They know that we need to be very polite when we ask something. We need to be good with our words; we need to choose our words very carefully because our chosen words and our confidence will get us; yes, you need to ask something to someone very nice to get a yes as an answer.

Asking is not limited to favours, but asking skill is used in many businesses by the salesperson. Have you ever noticed why salespeople talk so politely? They know that if they want to excel in their field, they need to ask very nicely and politely; you will get what you want only when you ask for it and only when you ask for it nicely and politely. Many times we want something, and we ask for something else; instead of specifying what exactly we want, we start thinking about whether a person will say yes or no, and will person revert nicely for our favour. Because of such assumptions, we fail to ask nicely and send a proper message to the opposite person.

How To Ask Something Nicely:

1) Ask

To learn the art of asking, we must first ASK; only then can we learn because always remember that if you don’t ask, the answer will always be NO. Hence the very first step towards a great ask is “ASK.”

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2) Is it Polite and Nice?

The second step towards a great ask is seeing how you frame your question or favour. Is it polite, is it nice, is it proper, or does it sound rude? Does it sound like an order instead of a request? Often, people frame a question or request incorrectly, and that wrong way becomes the reason for not getting what you hope. For example, many times people use “GIVE ME” to ask something, “Give Me” is a very informal word, especially in the art of great ask; it is often mistaken as rude, hence always remember to use proper words and phrases to ask someone for something, you need to ask nicely and politely.

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3) Watch your Tone

The third step towards a great ask is to watch your tone, many times we frame a question or words correctly, but we still don’t get positive feedback; it happens because we frame correctly, but we say it in the wrong way; we must not only be polite and friendly with our words and phrases but with our voice and tone as well, we should sound humble, polite and soft, we can’t ask something with a loud voice and with an irritating tone, we must be very polite and sweet with our voice and tone, hence to ask for something we must have nice and polite tone.

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4) Work on your Body Language

The Fourth step towards a great ask is Your Expression, many times our words and tone are proper, but still, we fail to get a positive outcome; it happens because our body language shares a different story from the opposite person instead of looking humble sweet and polite, we look rude, we look as if we are doing some favour to the opposite person, While asking for something you should have a smile on your face and your body language should be calm and composed, you should look confident but should never look overconfident, because confidence give you what you want, but overconfidence always sinks the ship.

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5) Use Proper Phrases

The Fifth step toward a great ask is your friendly and polite phrase, Ask for something from someone nicely and politely; instead of using wrong and rude phrases, use friendly and polite phrases such as :

Use “Could I HAVE,” It is one the most polite and friendly phrases which you can use for favours such as Could I have your complete address

Use “I’D LIKE,” It is also a charming and polite phrase, and it suits every situation, such as I’D LIKE TO HAVE A MANGO JUICE.

Use “WOULD YOU DO ME A FAVOR.” This is often used, and you must use it when asking for a special request or favour.

Other phrases for asking something someone nicely is “DO YOU MIND,” WOULD YOU MIND, COULD I, WOULD IT BE OK IF, WOULD IT BE POSSIBLE, WOULD YOU BE WILLING TO? Etc.

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6) Opinions should be asked nicely

When you ask for others’ opinions, and you want to know whether they agree with your idea or thinking because you value the other person’s opinion, at that time, your great asking phrase should be like this:


When you use would I be to… This phrase will show respect to the other person. They will feel that, yes, their opinion has value for you because we often ask for opinions but fail to present our phrase correctly, which sends a wrong message to the opposite person. That wrong presentation doesn’t allow them to give you proper advice or suggestion; hence always ask for opinions nicely by using the adequately respected phrase.

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7) Yes or No depends on your proper asking

When you ask something, and you want the opposite person to say yes or no to your question, then you must phrase a question like this:

I believe I will try to finish this task by Monday, okay?

I will have more time tomorrow to do this work and other tasks, okay?

The opposite person will say yes or no with proper reasoning for such a phrase.

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This is the end of “How To Ask Something Nicely.” I hope you guys will like it.

Thank you.

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  1. I like to use “How would you feel about…’add request’”

    It’s not jumping straight into asking for something and gives the person time to process the request with out feeling pressure. Plus you can make a choice to proceed with the request based on their response.

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