How To Negotiate - 6 Hidden Tips

How To Negotiate – 6 Hidden Tips

How To Negotiate: Negotiating in the business world is nothing new. Unfortunately, or Fortunately Negotiating is a fact of life especially in the business life, Negotiating skill in more related to communication skill. Hence Person who is good in Negotiating skill is obviously good at communication, Because Negotiation requires you to explain the opposite person and making them agree as per your plans, Negotiating is about convincing the other person to agree to your plan and ideas,  Negotiating is showing other people that how your decision can bring the desired results, how it will benefit all.

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Usually people feel shy to Negotiate, because people find it a difficult task and find it embarrassing, but Negotiating Is your Right, Because the ability of Negotiating in this competitive business climate can make the difference between success and failure, hence remember Negotiating skill is a must skill especially in the business world, You must know your value and you should ask or convince as per having the proper knowledge, you just negotiate on the basis of assumptions, you must have proper source and knowledge to negotiate in the business world, Remember Negotiating is about knowing the facts and Proper communication skill, If the person is good at negotiating then they are for sure good in their communication, because both are linked to each other.

Now let’s understand a few tips on “How To Negotiate”:

1) How To Negotiate: Ask

Successful negotiators are always very confident and they have a forceful personality, they like to challenge things, they know that everything is negotiable and they have knowledge about it, Usually Successful negotiators are assertive, they ask what they want and they refuse to accept No as an answer, You should say your word in a non-threatening way, your statements should be un-harmful, it should have positive and assertive words, your words shouldn’t sound selfish. For example: instead of saying you shouldn’t do that, you can replace it with subtle words as I don’t feel comfortable when you do that.

Always remember there’s a huge difference between being assertive and being aggressive,  You are called to be an assertive negotiator when you take care of your own interest while respecting the other people interest too, but you will be an aggressive negotiator when you only think of your interest and neglect the opposite person’s interest. Hence being an assertive negotiator, you should talk in a subtle respected way by respecting others interest too.

Before doing negotiation you must know the facts, you must have the knowledge, because ignorance will make you a fool negotiator, knowledge and knowing the facts will help you to become a successful negotiator, don’t challenge without knowing anything, challenge means to know the facts and figures and only then going for the negotiation.

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2) How To Negotiate: Listening makes you win

Successful negotiators not only talks but they listen too, A successful negotiator will put forward his/her question and then keep quiet because when you ask a question or when you say what you expect then you must also listen to the opposite person, Many conflicts get resolved if you learn to listen, Listening is an art and we must practice it, nowadays we all have become so busy that we want others to listen to us, we don’t want to listen to others, however listening is an art which resolves many conflicts and give many positive results, hence practice this art and listen, Allow opposite person to talk more, and ask open-ended questions, because listening gives lot of knowledge and increases your awareness.

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3) How To Negotiate: Knowledge

You can’t expect to become a successful negotiator when you don’t have the proper facts, knowledge, and information prior to your negotiation, You must gain as much information and knowledge prior to your negotiation, basically, you must do your homework before getting into any kind of negotiation, You can’t make a proper decision when you have no clue about the entire matter and about the other side’s situation, hence be prepared before you face the negotiation.

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4) How To Negotiate: Don’t depend

You can’t always expect to have a positive outcome in the negotiation, Remember sometimes you will not get the outcome as you expect when you expect too much positive outcome you lose the ability to say no, hence always have an option of walk away, here I am not saying that to walk away immediately or shouldn’t try, but I am saying to have an option, like to have A, B, C options, and if you don’t get the desired result then choose Walk away option. don’t always expect a positive outcome, sometimes negotiation doesn’t work as per your plan, hence have options, don’t only have one option, because sometimes other options can give you proper results, so have more options.

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5) How To Negotiate: Don’t show hurry

You need to be patient while negotiating, because if you look hurried then chances of making wrong decision will increase, hence stay patient and never allow the seller to feel that you are under pressure, because your patient attitude will make the seller sell you at low price, hence be patient while buying something, don’t hurry.

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6) How To Negotiate: Pay less than the plan

Successful negotiators are positive. If you expect to get more, you will for sure get more; a proven strategy for achieving higher results is opening with an extreme position. Sellers should ask for more than they expect to receive, and buyers should offer less than they are prepared to pay. People who aim higher are usually the people who get better results; your positivity will become a self-fulfilling prophecy and on contrary people who have low-expectations are usually the ones who wind up with low outcomes or results.

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These were 6 tips on “How To Negotiate”. Do comment and share your trick.

Thank you.

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  1. Actually I have bad communication skills but I have a good negotiation power . I see your videos on communication skills but it is still very tough to continue the conversation for me( actually I can’t find the topic on which I can continue the conversation ) . And it creates a awkward silence .

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