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About This Course?

This course is created with alot of research, money, 2 years of time, and alot experience which i have gained by reading hundreds of books. Books on business, self help, successful people, and of world class mentors like Sam Walton, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and many many more. I have gathers many different information from many different books which talked about passion or have shared interesting things about passion. This course also have knowledge relating to passion whos cost is in thousands. I have shared everything I have ever learnt about passion. And I will keep including chapters whenever I find more few interesting information hence I have complete faith that this course will help you find your passion and clear any doubt that you have related to finding success in life and working on passion.

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This is online course in video format and consist 8 videos. However, we are going to update this course from time to time and there will be no additional fee to watch the updated content.

The audio is in the Hindi language.

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Our goal is to END THE IGNORANCE that we all have inside us. which we believe is the root cause of all the major problems in this world. We want to make people interested in reading books, learning from MENTORS and self-improving, since we believe that nothing is better than improving one self. Once we start changing ourselves then we would have the power to change our society our country and hence this world.

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