Types of Frustration

Types of Frustration

Types of Frustration:

1) Personal Frustration
2) Conflicting Frustration
3) Pressure Frustration
4) Environmental Frustration

Every human in this world has some kind of expectations and goals in their lives, and when their goals and expectations do not come or get fulfill the way they wanted, then that feeling and emotions start frustrating people. Everyone has some goals related to their work life, everyone has certain aims, everyone has certain expectations from their loved ones, every individual in this world desires successful personal and professional lives, but when these expectations and goals do not give the positive outcome, then its starts frustrating people.

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People have a misconception related to time and outcome, and that misconception gives them frustration people believe that more time they will give to certain work the better and best they will become and soon they will achieve their desired successful life, No, Your hard work will for sure give you success and desired life, but which work requires how much hard work and efforts is also very important, Always Remember this saying “IF YOU REALLY LOOK CLOSELY, MOST OVERNIGHT SUCCESS TOOK A LONG TIME.” -Steve Jobs

Hence before getting frustrated and quitting, remember your success graph in this real world can never be Linear, But it will for sure give you success, most of the time you don’t get what you wish for but you will for sure get what you work for. hence always do smart work and hard work before getting frustrated in your life, Our misconception becomes the reason for different types of Frustration first Internal Frustration and the other one is External Frustration, and these types of frustration become the major reason for our lack of self-esteem, self-believe, and self-confidence.

We all know that frustration happens when we have feelings of uncertainty and insecurity; these feelings come from a sense of inability to fulfill needs. Frustration Impacts our internal, as well as external life, Internal Frustration Arise from challenges in fulfilling personal goals, desires, instinctive drives and needs etc whereas type two frustration arise (external frustration) when outside conditions or situations become out of control, for example too much pressure at the workplace, or lack of time, deadline etc.

Types of frustration are handled differently by different people, the first way is a negative way, such as they become angry, get violent, talk rudely, go to silent mode, or shout for no reason, spoil others mood, talk negatively about life etc whereas another way which very few people use is a positive way, they look for solution, they don’t waste a second on cribbing and blaming, they try to find out the original cause of the frustration, they face the situation bravely, they never allow frustration feeling to influence their surrounding and mood, they stay positive about the outcome, they don’t play victim game, they work hard and believe their efforts and capabilities etc, such people who learn to handle different types of frustration positively, they are the ones who are capable of becoming a successful person.

Let’s understand different types of Frustration:

1) Personal Frustration

The reason I am writing Personal Frustration first because I believe that personal life matters a lot, Our loved ones care, support is the biggest driving force, hence personal life matters a lot, therefore, understanding Personal Frustration is also very important, The point from where personal frustration starts is expectations, we expect a lot from others, we want others to be Perfect, but to be very frank Perfection is nothing but just a myth, hence expecting perfection will definitely create Frustration, Hence don’t over-expect from someone, because That over-expectation will definitely create frustration in you and in your relationships.

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2) Conflicting Frustration

Nowadays Conflict happens between anyone, it can happen between workers, employees, owners, between travelers, between strangers etc, Nowadays people live under so much pressure, that their work or personal life pressure becomes the reason for their conflicting frustration, people travel with negative and frustrated mood and just a small push is enough to increase their frustration, hence always handle your frustrated feeling or mood in a positive way, always look for solution always have a positive mental attitude and mindset.

Another example, nowadays conflict takes place between two strangers who haven’t seen each other, who are not aware of each other, but still they fight over an unnecessary topic, yes I am talking about social sites and pages, people fight on comments, This fight becomes the reason for conflicting frustration, after fighting and doing argument, people become frustrated and they spoil their entire day thinking about that frustrated conflict and fight.

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3) Pressure Frustration

There’s a huge difference between Motivation and pressure, Nowadays management tries to use motivation to increase the productiveness of their workers, Motivation is really very positive and it encourages people to do more work, it makes people understand their capability,  it gives positivity, Motivation decreases mental pressure, whereas negative pressure and more workload becomes the reason for Pressure frustration, for example, pressure frustration can happen from both the sides, such as giving lot of homework to students or assignment to students can be the pressure frustration from teacher or professor side, but wasting too much time on other unnecessary things and doing studies in the last minute can be the pressure frustration from students side, hence Understanding Pressure Frustration is very important.

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4) Environmental Frustration

Environment plays a very important role for Frustration, If we live in a positive and joyful environment then staying positive becomes easy but however if we work or stay in the negative environment where people always lie or fight for small reasons, or always say negative about life, or always believe in luck more than hard work then getting frustrated becomes very easy, hence environment matters a lot, good environment gives you positive vibes, whereas a negative environment can be the reason for your Environment Frustration.

It is very important to choose the right people and the right environment because of positive Environment and surrounding your life can be peaceful joyful and happy.

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These were some Type of Frustration we deal in our daily or regular life, As I always say that having a frustrated feeling is normal, but dealing with it is what all matters, hence always deal in a positive way, always have self-believe and self-esteem, always make a wise decision and always Remember Improvement begins with an “I”.

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  1. Number 1 Personal frustration is the one I have struggled with the most. 4. Environmental frustration as well to some degree as I also let outside factors affect my mood and outlook. However I’ve learned that the greatest percentage of frustration for me comes from having too many expectations about how things should be and stressing when I didn’t get the outcome I wanted.

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