5 Daily Disciplines Which Will Keep You Positive

5 Daily Disciplines Which Will Keep You Positive

5 Daily Disciplines Which Will Keep You Positive.

We can’t deny the fact that we people are surrounded by negativity. Every day some kind of negativity attacks us and many surrenders in front of that negativity. We people should not surrender instead we should fight with that negativity. We should follow daily disciplines so that we can stay in positive mental state. You all must be aware of the benefits of being positive, how positivity can help you mentally and physically. I have made several blogs related to positive, hence today I will be talking about daily disciplines which can help you to keep your mind under positivity.

Today I will be talking about Daily disciplines which will help you to fight from such negative thoughts feelings and emotions and surround your mind with positivity. In order to give your best performance your brain needs to stay positive, and in order to keep your mind positively stable then you must follow discipline daily, you need to be focused towards your daily disciplines. Think about your different life when you and your mind will be positive and with positive mind you will be able to see various opportunities around you.

Negative mindset gives you stress, sadness and worries but positive mindset gives you opportunities gives you clear vision and way and hence to have that positive mindset daily you must follow discipline daily and you must be focused on it.

So today I will share some of the daily disciplines which will make your life easy and positive. So let’s begin

1. Work on Soul

Your body is your temple, and it needs to properly handle and maintained, you should follow proper diet in order to make your day go smooth and calm, You need to get up early in the morning so that morning fresh weather and environment will energize your body and make you feel fresh and in order to wake up early in the morning you need to sleep on time, and proper sleep will help your brain to function properly, after getting up early you should follow proper diet, you shouldn’t eat anything which is high in sugar, because sugar caffeine content can affect your thought processes.

You should also work on your soul you should nourish your soul each day, and to do that you can pray, can meditate or can do yoga for 10 to 15 minutes, whatever fits your belief system do it, if you feel that your soul feel fresh and peaceful when you meditate do that, if your belief says that prayer makes your soul peaceful do that, but do it and be focused and committed towards it, you don’t need to do it for 30 minutes or 1 hour at start you can start with few minutes but you need to do it daily.

2. Blessing list

You can write gratitude or blessing list either in the morning or at night before going to bed, Whenever you feel bad about your work about your personal life instead of thinking and assuming bad things about that moment, you should think of all the best things or moments that have happened to you so far, this way you will feel motivated and energize, you can either write your blessings list or can write gratitude letter, but do maintained a journal or a book in which you share all your thoughts and blessings. But you need to follow this blessing practice daily so that it becomes your habit

3. Morning positive

From the moment you get up in the morning you should feed your mind with positivity with new ideas and thoughts, I have seen many people who feed their mind with negativity such as they directly open their cell phones and start browsing it, see negative comments and feel irritated, some people start their day with negative useless news, people just start their beautiful morning with stories and tragedies and fear and this is something which needs to be avoided.

Your life and day will change when you wake up early in the morning and start your day with positive and inspirational stories and articles, those inspirational things will motivate you and will make your mind think of something positive and energetic, hence many research says instead of browsing cellphones and getting in to unwanted arguments get indulge into pages and channels which gives inspiration and motivation, because such inspiration trigger your mind with positive thoughts.

4. Environment matters

Suppose you have two friends, one who always crib and regret for every small thing and always talk negative about world and surrounding and the other friend who always find solution who always stay happy no matter how bad the situation is and always motivates you and says good and happy things about world and always talk about improvement

So you tell, to whom you would like to hang out, with whom you will feel motivated and energetic? Of course with the one who always stays happy and talks positive. Because his positivity will attract you and also make you feel motivated.

We people don’t understand how people around us matter, we don’t realize that people emotions can be very contagious, if you stay around negative people and discouraging people then there are high chances even you will become negative, hence you need to stay around people who know how to support themselves and others, I would suggest to have that one friend or loved one around you who always supports you and understand you, with whom you can share all your feelings and you be sure that they will give you the best possible positive advice.

5. Active mind

We all know that active mind performs best and to make our mind healthy we must exercise daily, because exercise makes our brain active and body healthy, exercise enhance our cognition, and slows cellular aging and also works as a natural antidepressant, hence if you want to perform best then do exercise daily, you don’t need to do exercise for an hour at first you need to do it for few minutes, as I have shared in my stupid small goals video that forming huge goals will be hard to follow hence start with small stupid goals so chances of completing is daily become high.

Do follow these 5 daily small disciplines which will force sure keep your mind at state, and as I always say implementation is the must. without action you can never see a change in you, hence always learn and implement. if you fear to take the first step then you will always stay in the same position, so learn and implement.

Thank you, do comment and share.

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    Seriously ur blogs gives us a positive kick to improve ourselves and my sixth +ive habbit is read ur blogs

  2. Fantastic article, in today’s stressfull life we are forgetting our own identity. Reading such kind of article really improve our way approach towards life and keeps body balanced mentally, physically and spiritually. keep it up. best luck

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