Deep Work Book Summary + Improve Concentration

Deep Work Book Summary + Improve Concentration

Blog Title: Deep Work Book Summary + Improve Concentration
Name: Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World
Author: Cal Newport
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Book size: 304 pages

Deep Work Book Summary Overview:

Deep Work- Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World
Deep Work- Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World

In the coming toughest economy if you want to thrive, if you want to move ahead and forward, then you need to become one person out of three said by author, first either become highly tech skilled worker, means become a person who is very much knowledgeable about technical stuffs, who know proper use of technical stuffs and who can understand technical things nicely, because in this fast changing world even technology is changing rapidly, and it is changing so fast that people are finding hard to catch up, meaning people who were learning about earlier technology who has invested their hell lot of time learning about previous technology, that previous technology has been replaced by today’s better technology, hence demand for people who has great knowledge about new changed technology has being increasing, hence demand for updated technology master will always stay more even in future.

Second type of people, known as superstar by author, superstars are those people who always stay best in their work, they are extraordinary towards their work in that they can compete at world level, example,  you must have noticed that today things are not similar compare to earlier, earlier people used to compete in their town or in their city, means a particular city graphic designer used to compete with similar city graphic designers for customers and this kind of competition used to increase chances of getting customer at least from that city, but today internet and communication technology has become so vast, that if your city customer wants graphic designer and if he doesn’t find your work better than that customer can get another graphic designer from any other city, hence at present and even in future you need to be best at your work you need to be superstar at your work so that people come to you.

The third type of people are those who have capital means money, people who have money they can invest in any good startups which can give them quick growth and returns.

Now many of us will not have the privilege of third type means will not have enough money hence we need to become from other two type, means either related to technology or be a superstar and to become such type of human we people should have two things in us said by the author.

  1. To have quickly mastering complex skill/task means we should have such a skill so that we can learn things quickly and can become master of complex technology system.
  2. And second thing we should have in us is the ability to produce at an elite level (quality and speed)  means we should have an ability so that we can work at higher level and can give high-level outcome along with high speed and quality, and to get these two qualities into us strongly we people need to do one thing which is known as deep work by author.

Difference between Deep Work and Shallow Work:

Difference between Deep Work and Shallow Work
Difference between Deep Work and Shallow Work

Look any work which comes to you, you can do one of two way, either by the first way with the help of deep work approach or either by the second way by trying to do it with the help of shallow work approach.

Deep work is known as when a person does any work with full focus and concentration just like a Monk, without getting distracted from any other thing, in this deep work person push his ability and produce such a valuable thing, which becomes difficult for others to copy, and while working such way person also improves his skills.

Whereas shallow work is known as when person easily get distracted while working, and person keeps focus on other things while working example,  while working on an assignment when person’s mobile gets vibrate, then person start looking and checking notifications, open and browse facebook, while working uses social media, in short person’s focus gets distracted easily and because of this person still doesn’t get improved and he fails to do anything valuable and fail to create hard to copy kind of thing.

Unfortunately, most of us do most of our work with shallow work approach. However deep work approach has the most value in this world,  doing deep work in today’s world has become the rarest skill, hence people who are master at this skill gets awesome rewards as well.

Deep Work Example:

Deep Work - Bill Gates
Deep Work – Bill Gates

Bill Gates with the help of deep work has made his 1 basic version of coding at 1970, author says bill gate was so focused on his work he used to be so intense while coding, he used to work for long hours alone, away from the whole world, he used to get so tired that several times he used to fell into sleep while reaching his keyboard and after taking 2 or 3 hours nap he again used to start his deep work. With the help of deep work approach, Bill Gates prepared his coding which later became the program of billion dollar company.

Deep Work - J.W. Rowling
Deep Work – J.W. Rowling

J.W. Rowling shifted to hotel from her own home to complete her Harry Potter book, she shifted to hotel so that she can stay away from all the distraction and can complete her book fast, at first she went to hotel just for en experiment,  but when she started getting positive outcome and result then she continued same deep work approach and with same approach she completed her book, many people able to achieve a lot that too in lesser time compare to others with the same deep work approach.

In this busy world, completing any work that too without distraction is the toughest and the most challenging thing,  and very few people able to handle it, you all must be aware that doing shallow work is not at all good for us and for our success hence today I will share some points with you with the help of which even you can learn to do deep work and with less time can achieve higher outcome.

So let’s begin with Deep Work Book Summary:

1. My line work out

Suppose a man goes to gym and with thermocol equipment does his exercise and with that exercise if he feels that it will improve his muscles and also he will improve his strength and after that exercise with thermocol equipment he can use his strength whenever needed, then this isn’t possible for sure,  similar thing can be said for focus as well, if you do maximum work of yours with the help of shallow approach means if you keep your mind distracted by giving new information from social media by checking notifications or by checking facebook in between the work, or by talking or chatting to other people on phone, hence if you work like this means allow yourself and brain to get distracted by every small thing and one day when you required completing a work with all focus without distraction, then expecting that yes you’ll  able to do it with all focus and concentration, then this expectation will for sure fail, because it won’t happen, in our brain there are two muscles, one muscle which is strong, hence whenever you do any work and get distracted by other small things then that strong muscles expands, because that muscle is strong hence our brain uses it, and another muscle becomes strong if we use it with focus and concentration for our work, means the more you stay concentrated and focused on doing any particular work the more that brain muscle will become stronger and will also improve your productivity.

As per science terms our brain has myline tissue which solidifies on our neurons when we do our work with full focus and concentration, and later it becomes an insulator which helps brain to become more focused and helps us to work with more concentration, And with this we able to work at higher level without getting distracted.  Hence remember no matter how small or big work you do, try to do it with full focus without getting distracted, slowly and gradually your habit will increase and improve and your brain muscles will get strong and you also able you increase your brain power and with this superpower focus you’ll able to finish your work in hours which would have taken weeks and months with shallow work approach.

2. Attention Residue

Earlier while working I used to get distracted a lot, I never used to focused on any particular work for a long time so to tackle that problem I thought to do some kind of experiment, because I have lot of different work to do daily, hence I decided that il start with one particular work and the moment I start feeling bored from that work il switch to another work, with this I will not get bored and even my work will get complete without getting distracted from Facebook and YouTube. Well after reading this book I came to know that this experiment of mine isn’t proper, isn’t that good,  because of one concept is known as attention residue.

For example, few scientists did a research in that research they decide people into two groups in one group they asked people to solve puzzle only puzzle, and to another group they asked to do them several small works along with puzzle, means they have to solve puzzle as well as need to do several work, after this experiment the thing which we came to know is that when we people are asked to do any one work with all focused at such situation we work fast and that too with consistency but if we do that same work along with other small tasks such as reading and closing mail for some time then because of this our focus and concentration fail to work properly. And we also fail to work at a high level and fail to work quickly and fast. The reason because our attentions small part stays in previous work and hence our brain takes time to put all our attention to any new work hence we fail to do work properly and quickly.

Now, what are the ways to tackle this problem?  at first, create or prepare a time block means like at least for an hour il do xyz particular work and at this time block, I will not use facebook cell phone or any other social media I will not even go to the washroom. Before sitting to that time block go and get fresh and then sit with full concentration this thing will improve your productivity, remember that high-level productivity formula is productive quality equals intensity of focus and time, means the more intensity you put in your work, the less time you will take to give high level of output or outcome.

3. Routines

I have spent half of my life without routine, and trust me in that half of my life I have been very less productive, whereas whenever I have followed routine in that time I have noticed that I have done some many things. Even now slowly I am making my routine habit stronger, because fact is every successful people almost every successful people follow routine, they follow routine in their life,  they make habit to do things daily, because they know that they won’t get success just by few days hard work but they will get success only when they fulfill their daily goal, similar thing you must apply for focus, author shares 4 ways by following it you can make your focus stronger.

Monastic approach

You must have seen monks doing unbelievable things, with their mind and body,  no one can do meditation like them, they leave everything behind every materialistic thing and train themselves daily,  monastioc approach is something where you leave everything and focus on any one particular goal, you isolate yourself to complete one particular goal, example,  if you have watched padman movie then you will understand, in that movie even akshay kumar has isolated himself in order to achieve and complete his one goal, similarly even bill gate isolated himself in order to complete his coding, now obviously it’s extreme but trust me this is the best way to get the best outcome,  but I would suggest you to take the second approach which is known as.

Bimodal approach

Carl jung was an awesome and amazing therapist. And he was very productive in his work,  for staying productive what he used to do, he has bought another house which he used to call as Retreat,  the way monk used to stay in monk mode similarly whenever carl used to get into this house (retreat) he used to go there with a goal, and till the time he used to stay in that house he used to work on his goal completion he used to work like a monk he used to get into monk mode,  and as his monk mode gets finish he used to return to his house, even you can do something similar, create a place if not different apartment or flat at least make another place at your home where you can sit and can isolate yourself from all disturbance, and in that place get into monk mode and start working.

Rhythmic approach

in this approach you need to decide a time, ln that same time you will do your deep work and in remaining time you can do shallow work,  usually morning is good for deep work so try to do your deep work in the morning and follow this time approach daily until it doesn’t become your habit.

Journalist approach

The author used this approach whenever he used to get time, in that time he goes to deep work approach and used to work with full focus and concentration, means to do deep work according to full customizable and situation.

4. Shut down

After doing any vigorous work our body requires rest and its necessary to give our body rest after vigorous work similarly after doing deep work even our brain needs rest so that it gets recover, example,  authors who work as per deep work approach never work after 5.30 they don’t even work on their weekends, but still they give more outcome compare to their college any professor, when professor says that their work has taken their personal life on the other side authors works for lesser time and achieve more outcome and results. And authors are able to do this because of  deep work and because of proper brain rest, many people think about work even after reaching home, they stay distracted, this is something which isn’t good, because if you stay distracted during your rest time then your brain will not get the proper rest to recover. Hence when you are working work properly and when you are taking rest take rest properly, stay chill because your brain deserves rest after giving all energy and focus.

This is the end of Deep Work book summary. These were some amazing knowledge from an amazing book deep work by Carl Newport.

Because of this book I have seen improving my productivity, hence if you want to improve your productivity the do buy this book from the given links:

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