How To Give Feedback

How To Give Feedback

How To Give Feedback? There’s a very thin line between Criticism and feedback, and this thin line can make a huge difference in any person’s life. Usually feedback is a vital element of any person’s personal and professional development, but in order to make your feedback a vital and important element, you must make your feedback supportive and your feedback should be polite and humble, If you say things badly or in a harsh way then this way of yours will be taken under criticism, hence your feedback should be given in a polite manner and it should be supportive, helpful and constructive, whereas criticism is usually damaging and hurtful.

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We have seen many big organizations and industries take feedback from their customers and users because they know that feedback will only help them to improve it will help them for their good and best development hence they invest a lot in feedbacks because these feedbacks helps them to improve their business and product.

Feedback helps person to improve, whereas criticisms are usually negative,  feedbacks are usually given politely and it is given on things which can be improved but criticisms are usually given in a negative way and on things about which person can’t do anything for example related to looks, height, thus criticism makes person feel sad and upset, people who like to criticize someone usually say things on public whereas feedback are given in person. For example suppose you overeat and your weight is above normal, then person saying that you look good but if you lose your some weight then you will look much better, then this will come under feedback because you can improve , you can lose your weight and can become better hence this will not come under criticism whereas if person say about your height of nose and make fun of your voice then this will be taken as criticism because your height nose is natural and you can’t do anything about it.

Hence we people must understand what way we should take things, for example if person say something about your communication then this will be taken as feedback, because you can improve your communication confidence at any moment of your life, hence feedback are usually given on things which a person can improve and it is given in a polite and humble way, because feedbacks are supportive and helpful whereas criticism is given on things about which we can’t do anything and criticism are usually negative harsh and damaging which lowers person’s self-development and self-esteem.

Here are few tips on “How To Give Feedback?”

1. How To Give Feedback: Make it count

You must say things to someone on the basis of logic and facts, you should talk related to hard evidence rather than emotional, before saying anything to someone you must first taste that words or your statements mean you should examine both side of that statement or facts like whether it will impact person negatively or positively, how would I feel if someone would have said this to me? When you examine your statements then you will understand whether your statement is a feedback or a criticism.

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2. How to Give Feedback: Should give In person

Most people make a huge mistake by saying something to someone in public or in between many people.  When you say something to someone in public, no matter whether that thing is good or bad, a person will for sure find it bad, because in public or in between many people anything related to their improvement will sound bad to them. Hence you must give your feedback in person means face-to-face,  for example instead of saying, someone, that he is fat in public, you should tell that person personally that too in a polite way, your feedback should sound humble and supportive for example you look cute but you can look handsome and cute too if you lose some weight, this polite and in person conversation will bring positive changes and development in person’s life.

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3. Give feedback as per recipient priorities

You must not only concentrate on how to say or what to say but you should also understand the importance of when to say, usually we say right things but on wrong timing, hence we must give feedback when person can take it in a positive way, we must wait for the right moment so that person not only take it positively but also act on it.

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4. Don’t hit them directly

You must ease your conversation with the recipient(a person who needs feedback), instead of saying them directly in parts where they should improve, you must first make them comfortable you must first stat with normal conversation and then should say something politely.

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5. You must be polite with words

I am saying many times that your feedback words should be polite reason for that is, people say right things but in a wrong way, for example instead of saying someone politely about their weight, people tease them say them mota (fat) in public or in friends group, this way of saying damages person confidence, hence we must understand that Way of saying matters, hence we must improve our way of saying, because our improvement will motivate others to improve.

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6. Understand what feedback is

Your feedback should build people rather than tearing them down, you should compliment people in public and should present their shortcomings in private, you should focus on the act means your feedback should be based on the recipient act, you should avoid demeaning any person, you should be constructive related to your feedback.

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This is the end of “How To Give Feedback?”. Do comment and share your views.

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