How To Read A Book - Reading Strategy

How To Read A Book – Reading Strategy

How To Read: Everyone knows the importance of reading books, they know how reading helps and how much useful it is. For some days you read with enthusiasm but as days pass, your interest goes down, you want to read but you find it hard to concentrate, your focus gets down and you fail to make reading as your habit.

Whether you are reading any reports, trade journals, or blogs or post or any useful books there are several strategies you can use to read quickly, at the same time that you get the most from your reading.

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So today I will share some strategies, which can help you to improve your reading skills and also helps you to make reading your daily habit. Let’s begin with how to read a book:

How to read book strategy 1: Don’t hurry

This point is mainly for the beginners, if you have just started reading, don’t force yourself, at start go slow, choose a simple and easy book to read, and start with few pages, don’t force yourself to read an entire book on your first day of reading, but do read every day, make habit of reading at least few pages at a particular time. And increase the pages every day.

For example, if you read 5 pages then on next day increase one more page, i.e read 6 pages on the second day and similarly goes on increasing.

As your curiosity increases for a particular book, your reading habit will also become strong. If you force yourself then you will get bored easily hence try to make it your daily habit, at start go slow and gradually it will increase.

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How to read book strategy 2: Visualize/imagination

After you select a particular book, a book from which you think you will learn something great and it will help you to grow in your life, as you start reading that book, use your imagination; create mental images of the characters, settings and events in the text.

For example, if you are reading an inspirational story of someone, then imagine and visualize that whole story in your mind, this strategy will use your imagination visualization sense and when your senses start working your curiosity for that particular thing also increases.

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How to read book strategy 3: Ask yourself?

Here as you go on reading, stop at any particular point and ask yourself a question, whether the book you are reading make sense, Is it going to help you in your life, or you are just reading it for the sake of time pass.

Wait and ask yourself a question what all things you are learning through this book, whether it will help you in your real life, whether it will help you for your self-development?

For example, reading self-help book can be very useful, it will help you to learn various new things and also help you to see this life in a different and a new way.

So do read useful book, and to understand whether the book you are reading is useful or not, ask yourself question and if possible ask an expert

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How to read book strategy 4: Connectivity

Here what you need to do is to relate yourself with the text or the book you are reading.

For example, while reading a particular book, you understand that the situation from which you are going through at this moment, the same situation is also mentioned in the book you are reading, and this will help you to find a solution.

You need to find ways to relate the text to yourself, other texts and the world around you.

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How to read book strategy 5: Write it down

Here what you need to do is to determine the author’s purpose, you need to identify the author’s idea of writing this particular text and book, and you need to find out every small detail, the main idea behind the book and any particular text and also the theme of the text.

When you are done with it, you need to write down the glossary, which means important points and ideas, that you have learned from this particular book and which you want to implement in your life as well.

This thing will help you to remember the book which you have read nicely and also help you to form notes of it, which can help a lot.

For example, there are many famous people who read books, and also gives credit to books for their success, Bill gates say that after reading a book, he used to form notes from it which has helped him a lot in his life.

Writing down something you learn, can help you to remember it nicely and properly and through its implementation becomes easy.

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There are many more such useful strategies of reading, which can help you a lot and can make reading easy and enjoyable for you, hence do try it and make reading your daily habit, at least read few pages but read daily and do read useful self-help books, because that will for sure help you to move ahead in life and help you to grow ahead in life.

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  2. How to make a habit to listening of English Audiobooks ? AND Understand Whatever in The Audiobook…….. Please Reply

  3. Thanks, for this blog Zeeshan Sir (SeeKen).

    While reading books, I will definitely implement these 5 strategies.

  4. Remember..Whatever our mind can conceive and believe, our mind can achieve….from The laws of success by Napoleon Hill


  5. Hey.. I follow you and a big fan of yours. I wanted to know ‘Is Think and Grow rich ‘ good to start with.? I recently started reading books. Or should i refer any other book to start with.. ?

    1. Hey! Mansi, I have Finished this book yesterday. This was the first book I have ever read on self development. Although I took a lot of time to finish this book. It took me almost one and a half month. This book is pretty heavy to understand, especially starting chapters. But I had admitted to myself before even starting this book that “I won’t go to the next line until and unless I completely absorb the line I read”. And eventually what happened is I have earned Rs.2500 this week sitting home before even finishing the book and now I am going to continue my business. And I can assure myself that I am going to be the billionaire within 10 years. And I am so confident because I had the road map. This is what this book teach you. For more insights contact me through facebook.

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