How To Increase Reading Speed By 300%

How To Increase Reading Speed By 300%

Increase Reading Speed By 300%: If fast readers read at speed of above 1000 words per minute (wpm) with near 85% comprehension, whereas Average readers are the majority and only reach around 200 wpm with a typical comprehension of 60%.

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Are you really a slow reader? Do you wish to read fast? Do you wish to read a book quickly? But you find that your wish of reading book fast is really a difficult task and it is nearly impossible for you to make a habit of reading fast, you want to read many useful self-development books, but due to slow in reading, you take hell lot of time to complete that one book and this makes you so irritated that you skip reading other books. And this is a loss because maybe the books you skipped would have given you a different perspective of life would have changed your life completely.

Most of the people think that increasing reading speed is a difficult task, but actually, it’s not. Reading is an art, and you can improve on it and can increase your speed of reading just by practicing few techniques and tips. So today I will share some points which will help you to improve your reading speed.

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Let’s begin with Increase Reading Speed techniques:

Increase Reading Speed point 1. Subconscious mind speaks

This is in us since childhood, because this way teacher has taught us to read, to read a particular word silently in your head and then to pronounce it, and we still follow it and that’s the main and the major obstacle for all slow readers, doing this was good at school days, because at that time we were the learners, beginners. But today we are adults and using same old school technique is make us a slow reader.

When we read a particular statement or word, our subconscious mind speaks that word. We don’t speak it loud, but our mind speaks them unconsciously and this is also known as Subvocalizing.

Hence what you can do to avoid this, is to absorb the words. Don’t pronounce it loudly, just absorb the sentences and words. The best trick of doing this is to look at the words and statements in complete silence just to absorb the words, don’t pronounce it loud, your brain has the capability to understand it just by looking the words, you can understand its meaning by looking at it, you don’t need to speak it loud.

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Increase Reading Speed point 2. Time your reading/practice

Here what you can do is to limit your time, you need to first take your practice book and to set a timer, and need to see how much time you take to read a particular page or book, and accordingly improve your reading. However to improve your reading speed will definitely require regular reading practice, hence after understanding your limit, start practicing on a daily basis and see the growth.

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Increase Reading Speed point 3. Guide yourself

Here to guide yourself while reading does use your finger, this is a very old technique, which is considered for children, so that they don’t forget or skip any line or statement while reading. And this technique is must for speed reading.

Here what you can do, you can use your eyes which can work as your guide, you can constantly keep darting from the beginning to the end of the line, but what you must remember, you must do it at a very consistent speed. When you are using a guide make it at a very consistent pace.

And if you get confused or interrupted while reading that can be an exception, but while using a guide try to be consistent.

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Increase Reading Speed point 4. Use a marker

Here what you can do, you can mark important and useful statement, by using a highlighter. Hence you do not skip that important information, or do not have to waste time for searching it again. Using marker can make your work easy and also saves your precious time.

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Increase Reading Speed point 5. Skip not so important

If you want to know how speed readers are so fast in reading because they know that not every word has the same value. They know which words contain the actual value, and which words can be avoided because they don’t contain much value.

Hence if you have less time and want to complete a book or any document, then you can skip unwanted and not so important words so that can complete reading it at a time, and if you want to read a book to increase your vocabulary and grammar then reading entire thing can be useful.

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Increase Reading Speed point 6. Improve vocabulary

Suppose you are reading a book, and suddenly a difficult word arises, what you do? Do you skip that word? Do you try to understand that word meaning through the statement and context? Whichever way you are trying you are slowing down your reading. Hence try to improve your vocabulary. If you improve your vocabulary, you will understand more quickly and able to read fast without stopping yourself in the middle of reading. Hence focus on vocabulary improvement as well.

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  1. Even you can try reading a page of the book by holding it reverse. It also increases your concentration and when reading next page it automatically increases your reading speed.

  2. Speed Reading is must now a days in all types of non-technical exams..we should know how to prioritize the words of any text during reading….

    Thanks for the additional information…….

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