Why India Is A Developing Country

Why India Is A Developing Country

India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world, even after more than 70 years of independence. India is still labeled as a Developing country. The speed of development in our country is less and low compared to other countries. Many people in our country know and have an idea that India is a developing country, but people do not focus on the things which need to manage appropriately to make our country grow. As an Indian citizen, I can see, There are miles to go in making India A developed Country.

Is India a developing country?

Yes, India is a developing country, but there are many issues and reasons behind the Lack of development criteria of India. Many issues are preventing us and our country from developing. We as an individual are not growing hence. Our country is also not getting developed, Every individual in our country must have the guts to take responsibility to improve himself, and also that improvement will help our country to grow as well; I am here talking about every individual, every political party and every influencer to stand for right and to make our Country developed and Become A Proud Citizen Of India.

Today I will share a few Why India Is A Developing Country:

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1. No control in the population

Whenever we talk about India’s growth, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is that the government is not working correctly, the government is the reason behind every mess, and the government is the biggest obstacle preventing us from growing.

I am not saying the government is not at fault, but for this reason, Government can’t do anything; every citizen who lives in India must understand that the increase in population is playing the most significant role, which is not allowing India to grow. Every individual must be responsible; everyone should plan their family.

India holds the Second rank in the population, but in terms of population quality, it is less because there is a lack of skilled people.

India’s 2021 Population is estimated At 1.4 billion based on the most recent UN Data; the country has doubled in size in just 40 years.

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2. Corruption

Not everyone is corrupted there are millions of people in India who do their duty with devotion but yes, there are many government officers who are corrupted. We are in the 85th position in terms of corruption. In India, Most government departments are affected by corruption. Corruption is the biggest reason for poverty, which is another reason for not improving our lifestyles and not allowing India to grow. Poverty and corruption are linked to each other.

Nowadays, I have seen for every minor work corruption is done from both sides, For corruption a person is not responsible. As it says, we can’t slap one hand similarly, corruption can never be done one-sided. Government is responsible, But so is “YOU.”

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3. Inequality in income

In India, more than 25 percent of people live under the poverty line; they cannot even earn 100 rupees daily, so how will their lifestyle increase? How will our country grow? In India, this Income inequality has negatively impacted poor citizens’ access to education and healthcare. People who work in unorganized sectors are the biggest and the worst sufferers of economic inequality.

In many places, people work for their daily wages, and even after working the entire day and night, they can only get 100 rupees, 200 rupees max, and for many days they don’t even get work. How will they survive? How will they maintain and run their family? When poor people don’t even have enough money to eat? How will they educate their kids? And if the child doesn’t educate themselves, how will India grow? How will India become a literate country?

The government has developed many programs where a child will get free education till SSC or till the age of 14th, but still, many issues are going on from the family side and through government programs.

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4. Crimes, Political influence

Crimes and political influence can have a significant impact on the development of India. They can create a culture of corruption and undermine the rule of law, which can hinder economic growth and social progress.

One way crimes and political influence can resist development in India is through the diversion of public resources and funds for personal gain. Politicians and other influential individuals may use their power to siphon off funds meant for public projects and infrastructure, leading to delays and subpar outcomes. This can also contribute to a lack of accountability and transparency in government, which can further erode trust in public institutions and hinder investment and economic growth.

Unethical practices like corruption, bribery, and extortion can give some businesses and investors an unfair advantage over others. This can make it difficult for companies who play by the rules to compete, and it can discourage honest investors from putting their money into businesses or projects.

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5. Lack of knowledge

We have no idea about our rights, we do not know, and this lack of knowledge is the biggest obstacle preventing us and our country from growing. If we compare ourselves with other country citizens, everyone knows about their rights, but we, as Indian citizens, have no idea what all rights we have; knowledge never fails, hence always filling your mind with positive knowledge and valuable information.

The constitution guarantees six fundamental Rights to Every Indian Citizen:

  1. Right to Equality
  2. Right To Freedom
  3. Right against Exploitation
  4. Right to Freedom Of Religion
  5. Cultural and Educational rights
  6. Rights to Constitutional Remedies.

When you become aware of these rights, you can grow yourself and our country; always know don’t be ignorant.

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6. Responsibility

Do you clean your house? Do you wash your vessels? Do you take a bath? Do you brush your teeth? For all these questions, you will say yes, because it’s your responsibility to take care of your hygiene. Hence even though India is our home, we live here; hence it becomes our responsibility to clean it, to take care of its hygiene. People have become so selfish that they only care about themselves.

We must follow every religion’s core and most essential teaching: humanity. It’s not always about “I”; sometimes we should work for others as well, It’s not only the government’s responsibility to grow our country, but every individual responsibility to make our country proud and to become a proud citizen of developed India.

The time everyone understands their Responsibility; from that time, we will be unstoppable.

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Proud To Be An Indian, Understand Your Responsibility, and make India Proud and develop.

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  1. Reason why politicians do nothing on population is
    Think politician take vote by caste and religion so both opponent parties make people to birth more their caste babies so one caste will be more means more votes same done by opposition party this is reason

  2. INDIA can’t be a developed country in the near future because of our mentality and our selfishness…

    Everybody is busy thinking about their own pockets….(maybe otherwise we will not survive in India)

    I wish I can help..but Indian environment will not allow me…This is the FACT..


  3. Large Population is never an issue, it is a leftist ideology to believe in such a thing. A population which is useless and unproductive is the actual problem.
    Think for a moment, why people go to Urban areas if they want growth in their life, knowing that Urban areas are heavily populated and have limited resources.
    Also, take example of China and Japan. China has the largest population and is considered to be a super power both Military wise and economy wise.

    And Japan being a developed country is facing the risk of economic collapse as the no of young people who will contribute in the growth of the country are very few in number.

    So I dont agree with the first point.


  4. Control or in fact reduce to zero the Poverty, Pollution, Polluted Politics by controlling the Population. Hum do Humare Do par sakti se amal hona chaahiye…

  5. As Indians we need to understand that the only thing come as a resistor in between the way of India for being a developed nation is the mentality of citizens.It might be hard to listen but many people in India are still not truly educated and even our education system is not meant to be for the creative people.therefore, its an urgency need for us to take a second look to the curriculum and that could only be possible after withdrawing fools from positions which they do not deserve.

  6. actually i opened this for my essay answer for exam but by readying this i decided that what i read not only apply in exam but also in my practical life

  7. India was a developed country when the British left , it never kept up with the rest of the world after that . It is also extremely overpopulated and unsustainable , especially as climate change kicks in , and its pollution levels of water and air are unacceptable as they effect the rest of the world .
    The lack of integration of Indians into developed countries is also a major problem , and they are no longer welcome across the developed world as immigrants . There is also a major problem of cheating during exams , and false qualifictions .
    India is a nuclear power and has gone into space , but is incapable of controlling its population and pollution

  8. U have done a great job. Atleast after reading this we expect people to change their ways of thinking.
    The sentence “i was not only I sometimes we should also think about others” made me flattered.
    I am really thankful to you for this information. U made me think beyond the line.

  9. After reading your article I understood that how important these points are, and really they all are true.

  10. Honestly about your 6th opinion, I feel like it’s more important to let the adults understand that it’s a crucial thing to take responsibility for our country. Cause we teenagers are being taught about this. Yeah I agree that still some teenagers don’t follow it but whenever I try to keep any plastic packets or any waste to myself so that I can throw it in a dustbin, they always prevent me from doing that and I always feel like I’m deprived of taking responsibility for my own country. As a middle class person, I can’t even say anything to my parents about this or else I’ll end up getting scolded.

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