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Jaideep Sajdeh Success Story – Rags To Riches

Today I will be sharing an inspirational story about a man who not only created success for himself but also helped many people by providing job opportunities to them, he not only increased job opportunities in India but also helps our country environment. Today I will be talking about a man who literally turns rags into riches, today I will be discussing about an Indian Entrepreneur Jaideep Sajdeh.  Jaideep Sajdeh not only helped himself by becoming successful but for many people who were in need, he worked for our country. he works to serve society and our country’s environment.

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Jaideep Sajdeh belongs to Mumbai, he runs a company known as TEXOOL, He uses not so useful or (discarded) textiles from rich wealthy countries and recycle them into useful shopping bag, bag packs and hand bags, he saw a chance to build a business that can not only help him but also can help the environment and also created job opportunities in India for much needed people who have very low skilled. Jaideep family was into this business from decades they used to turn old garments from west into recycled yarn, but Jaideep Sajdeh By himself decided to do something new and different, he thought of recycling and created helpful recycled bags handbags which also helped our environment.

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Rapidly growing Textile industries are in the west, and the clothes which get discarded gets shipped to India and Africa from developed countries, and that clothes come to India and Africa in at virtually no cost, exporters often just have to pay shipping cost for these clothes,  still market who recycled and process old used clothes in the developed country has seen a major slow down, jaideep family was into this from long, they used to transform used clothes to recycled yarn, By looking into loop holes, jaideep used his intelligence and creativity and came up with something different with few innovations and finally got success not only for himself but also for many who need employment and also helped our environment.

Currently, there are 60 employees in Mumbai suburb who turn and sew clothes into designer bags, in fact, Jaideep’s lot if bags have a tagline “I am not a virgin”, this tagline is kept to make people understand that they are recycled.

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Currently, Texool produces around 15 lakhs bags every year and prices varies from rs 20 to rs 400,  Jaideep Sajdeh feels that one day wealthy textile companies will realize the amount of waste they generate and will for sure open up to buy his bags.

Jaideep now supplies 15 lakhs bags per year but he is thinking to grow this capacity by 5 million till next four years, for now Jaideep Sajdeh is supplying his bags to India’s some biggest retailers and also to international brands in India such as Disney, Mattel, Colgate and Steve Madden.

Inspiring people like Jaideep Sajdeh not only think about themselves but they also know their responsibility as a Citizen of India. They know that if they want to see change in our Country, then we must take the first step towards that change, we should not always think we should act, we should not always think that other people will get up and bring some change, we should stand and take the initiative to bring change, as it says if you want to change, then be that change.

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This was such an inspiring story which shows us that even small initiative and innovation can bring huge success, this shows no work is small if our passion and desire is big, it will eventually bring success, we just need to act instead of thinking and regretting, we should work smart and hard in order to achieve our goals and motives, we should work for the betterment of ourselves and for others which will eventually bring change in our country.

Thank you.

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