Mini Habits Summary By Stephen Guise

Mini Habits Summary By Stephen Guise

Blog Title: Mini Habits Summary By Stephen Guise
Name: Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results
Author: Stephen Guise
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Mini Habits Summary
Mini Habits Summary

Like many people you must have gone through the situation, when you had decided to start fresh from the new year like will work hard, will do a lot of exercises, will start reading books. Will follow a good diet, and the list for the New Year goes on, but the actual fact is, people who make resolutions amongst them 92 percent people fail to stick to their resolutions, and the biggest reason for this is movies influence,  where we see that there is a protagonist who is just normal like us and after doing hard work in that 3 hour movie he able to become champion or able to achieve something big huge, and after watching such a fast change in that 2 or 3 hours movie, we feel that yes even we can do it and by doing hard work we can become successful easily and quickly,  which isn’t possible for most of the time,  example, I still remember, a few years back when I have seen a movie never back down, at that time I had decided with full enthusiasm that I will for sure start doing exercise from next day, will for sure get up early in the morning etc, and maybe I followed it for one day, from next day my entire motivation and enthusiasm vanished and I wasn’t able to continue it, something like this maybe had happened to you at some point in your life, hence with Mini Habits Summary I will share some best and easy ways with the help of which we can bring change within us in this coming year or whenever you read this “Mini Habits Summary” from that very moment you can bring change within you and able to stick to your resolutions  and able to form long lasting habits which are really very important to complete our goals and to achieve success.

So let’s begin with Mini Habits Summary

Mini Habits Summary Point 1. Stupid small

Author ones decided to work out daily for half an hour but even after putting all efforts and motivation he wasn’t able to act on it,  and wasn’t able to achieve his goal, so one day he decided instead of doing work out for half an hour he will do only one push up and nothing at all, hence after deciding this he did one push up and achieved his that one day goal, but however he felt one pushup was quiet easy hence he increased his limit and did one more pushup and he continued doing it and this way he did exercise for few minutes, after doing this he realized a very important thing, that normal people approach towards achieving their goals is not right or proper, and if we seriously want to achieve our goals then at start we need to form small stupid goals for ourselves example, if you have a goal to read book for 1 hour then at start instead of reading for one hour set goal of reading only 1 page or just one paragraph that’s it if not this then set more stupid resolution just read 1 line and form its habit by doing it regularly, here your aim should be so small that your chance of getting fail should be zero,  usually people at start try to do maximum things which requires a lot of will power and energy. And usually they don’t get that much willpower and energy and this thing makes them feel bad, whereas if you set stupid small goals and if you do it on a regular basis, you will feel good and satisfied and along with it strong habit will get develop, hence try that you starting goals end between 1 to 5 minutes, means reading book or going for walk only for 1 minute etc, this simple thing will help you to develop strong habit and make you achieve something big in life.

Mini Habits Summary Point 2: Newton’s 1st law

You must be aware of newton’s first law which says object at rest stays at rest and the object which is in motion stays in motion until an external force is applied,  example if a ball is placed in a ground, then that ball will stay in the ground and will not move until and unless it won’t receive an external force such as kick or strong wind, and on the other side if you kick a ball on a space then that ball will get connected to motion and keep moving far until that external force means gravitational force doesn’t hit it,  now the relation between this law and our habit is, as per science when we rest, at that time staying under rest mode becomes easy and natural for us, but if we want to take an action at that time coming into motion mode becomes necessary for us,  now the biggest problem according to physics is coming out from rest state and going to motion state. Example, when a rocket goes to space from earth at that stage maximum fuel, gets used but ones that earth moves out of the gravitational pull it becomes easy for a rocket to move to space, the amazing thing about mini habit is it makes our traveling easy from rest to motion mode.

Now when you stay under rest mode and decide that you need to get up and need to read book or need to exercise then this thing can become difficult for you but if decide that you need to do only one push up or need to read only one page then this thing will be like going from 0 to 1 instead of going from 0 to 100, mini habits is the best way which helps us to move from rest mode to motion mode that too without using much energy,  and when we come under motion state by taking small actions, and when we complete small task at that time we feel like a winner and our brain receives positive affirmation, which is really very important to form permanent habits, I have spoken about pain and pleasure principle earlier.

Mini Habits Summary Point 3: Ego depletion

You all must be aware that our will power is like a battery, at start it stays full but as we start utilizing it it starts decreasing, and hence doing work which can take high will power becomes difficult for us, example suppose your new year resolution is to meditate daily half an hour but suppose a day comes when you need to go out for a whole day, and suppose that day was very tiring, and returning home full tired then doing meditation and exercise for half an hour would be very difficult because you wouldn’t have that much will power,  whereas on the other side, the amazing thing about mini habit is, to complete your task you don’t require much will power, and no matter how tired you are you will able to complete that task, example, instead of doing meditation for half an hour if you do it for 30 sec, no matter how tired you are you will able to meditate for 30 seconds,  and your habit will never be broken which brings us to 4th amazing thing of mini habits.

Mini Habits Summary Point 4: Continuity

Till now you must have understood to create habits and for resolutions you must fulfill stupid resolutions, but till what time you must do it so that it can become a permanent habit, for it some says it takes 21 days to form a habit and some says it takes 30 days,  but actually it’s not true,  the reason because of which 21 days theory got viral when doc Maxwell came to know that people whose hands used to get cut they used to take thiss many days to form a habit of living without habits, you only think this thing is so very much different from our normal habits,  hence 21 days is not a right no. from another research its says that to form a habit it takes 66 days  but again on whom research was done, their no. were different from each other meaning some has taken only 18 days to form a habit and some even have taken 245 days , these were the bad news but the best news is mini habits are so simple small and easy that you don’t even need to count days because no matter what happens you will for sure remove time to read 1 line, to do 1 pushup, no matter how busy you stay or how tired you feel  hence the thing which can break habit is contunity and here continuity is not the problem, and this thing will for sure help you to reach permanent habit and also help you to get success,

Mini Habits Summary Point 5: Emotional push

There was a boy who used to eat lot of sweets daily, because of which his weight was increasing, so looking at it he decided not to eat chocolates and sweets and this was his new year resolution, as new year arrived he had done many things but still he wasn’t able to survive without sweets hence one day he lost his self-control and finally eat chocolate,  after doing this he felt guilty  and then he took decision emotionally  that all these things are not his cup of tea and I can’t stop eating chocolates, as its outcome he didn’t stop eating sweets and he became fat.

Most of the time what happens people set big and medium goals at start, and they aren’t able to stick to it because of the reasons shared above, hence because of which their self-confidence goes down, and their trust in them goes down,  and they start over thinking that they won’t be able to do it because of which they didn’t even try to do it again in that entire year,  whereas mini habits increase people’s self-confidence and helps them to set small goals and also helps them to complete them, example,  if that boy would have decided that maybe I can’t stop eating sweets entirely but instead of eating 3 chocolates I would eat only 2, then doing this would have become easy for him, and when used to eat only 2 chocolates then his self-confidence and self-believe  would have increased and he would have thought that yes I can leave chocolate eating habit, and his chances of quitting sweets would have increased, this thing is really very important to form or to skip any habit.

Hope you like “Mini Habits Summary”. You try this technique, just keep small stupid goals, which you really want to do, go and complete those stupid small goals and notice yourself immediately you will feel good after completing small goals,  and your confidence will improve, similarly you need to form your new year resolution, make small stupid goals in which failure becomes impossible, which slowly and gradually helps you to develop big habits and also give you success.

These were some important knowledge from an amazing book Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results by Stephen Guise. if you want to form good habits  and want to overcome bad habits then reading this book is must, I have shared this book link on the below:

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description, and if you want its audiobook then you can get it through the following link:

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