Overcome Monday Depression

How To Overcome Monday Depression

How To Overcome Monday Depression?

What is Monday Depression?

Mondays are often considered as moan day, sad day and depressing day. People feel so demoralized on Mondays that research shows almost 60 to 80 percent of people don’t even smile until 11 am, half of the people get up late in the morning and also get late for their work, And people stay so much depress and sad on Mondays that they hardly manage to be productive for 3 to 4 hours, as per research the reason behind so much hatred towards Mondays is because of fixed routine life, after weekends again going back to same routine regular life makes people irritated and depressed. People don’t find excitement and something new hence this feeling irritates them and develops hatred within them.

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But we don’t understand that we will not understand the value of Sundays or weekend until and unless we don’t go through weekdays and Mondays, Mondays are not difficult of bad days, everything depends on our mood and mind. If we stay on vacation throughout our life without doing anything, then even that vacations will bore us, hence we should understand each day importance, and we should utilize it properly.

Today I will share 6 points which will help you to overcome Monday Depression and sadness.

Overcome Monday Depression:

1. Take Sunday break
2. Prepare for Monday
3. Feel the morning
4. Have healthy breakfast and avoid phones
5. Motivate yourself
6. Don’t create forceful Monday

1. Take Sunday break

Sunday is consider as to be a fun day, because people get time for themselves for their loved ones and for their friends and family, hence you should utilize that time properly, there are many people who even on Sundays get to worry about their mails and work, and some feed their mind with negative stuff, if you keep on feeding your mind with lot of things then your mind will never get a break from useless activities, hence give yourself a break, Sunday is a day in which you should remove time for yourself for your family and friends.

Because almost 5 or 6 days you spend on internet, social media and at the workplace, so give your family friends and yourself that one day, because the break is required and necessary not only physically but mentally too.

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2. Prepare for Monday

Before going to bed on Sunday prepare your mind about Monday, prepare your mind about the opportunities and about how every day brings new chances and opportunities, make your mind understand that every day has its own value, hence instead of getting depress about Monday morning is should feel energetic that will be getting another chance to make my life happy and successful and with this thought go to your bed and sleep early, so that you can get up early in the morning.

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3. Feel the morning

After getting up early in the morning, feel the environment feel the beauty of nature, go out for a walk and feel the calmness and smoothness of wind, take a walk see people around you, see the birds and greenery, by feeling the environment and surrounding you will for sure feel energized and positive and also your mind will feel relaxed and calmed, do exercise to make your body active, doing this will help you to feel positivity and positive energy will help you to start your Monday with lot of excitement.

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4. Have healthy breakfast and avoid phones

after walk and exercise do have a healthy breakfast because your body needs healthy food to give its best performance hence try to avoid sugar and caffeine and junk food, because unhealthy food can make you feel tired, and tiredness feeling will decrease your work productivity and can support you for procrastination.

While having your breakfast stop looking at cell phone or any of your social media pages and after breakfast only attend important email and calls so that your mind doesn’t feel much pressure and can work smoothly.

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5. Motivate yourself

Before going out for work do energize and motivate yourself, do anything which motivates you such as listening energetic exciting songs which give you energy makes you feel motivated or reading/listening books audio books or any video which motivates you inspires, this motivation and inspiration will boost your energy level and you will for sure do your best at your workplace without getting depressed or sad.

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6. Don’t create forceful Monday

Don’t force yourself to work more on Mondays, work done forceful will for sure not give positive outcome, work done by full enthusiasm and passion can only give positive outcomes, hence its ok if you stay productive only for few hours but try to give best result and outcome on those few hours, Tackle small easy targets on Monday so that this small accomplishment will boost your confidence and help you to be more productive from next day onwards, hence keep small easy task for Mondays tackle them and prepare plan in advance for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Do Prepare your mind on Sunday before going to bed and for sure sleep early so that can get up early and can manage the entire Monday positively and with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, thank you do comment and share.

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These are the 6 points which will definitely help you to overcome Monday Depression.

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  1. Every Monday is a cluster fuck for me none of this was helpful I dread every minute of work can’t quit because of covid it’s been a 40 year old problem for me it doesn’t get any better I talked to councillors it never helped

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