Power Of Attention

Power Of Attention

We all know about Power Of Attention and attention is a very important skill which we must all possess and improve. Attention is an important mental process and without it other mental processes can’t work properly. Such as our imagination, learning, thinking etc. Attention is really very important in every aspect of our life. Every act needs attention for its successful performance. We will fail to put our focus and concentration on something unless we are not attentive towards it, hence understand the importance of attention.

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We have the power of attention, we have the attention skill in us, we just need to develop it. If you are still confused like why attention is important, then let me clear your confusion, every single act which we perform in our daily life, requires our 100 percent attention, whether it’s studying, talking, working, playing or doing any small task. Everything which you do requires your attention, without proper attention you can’t perform your task properly, lack of attention will produce more distraction and the more you have distraction the less you’ll be focused the less you’ll be focused the more you procrastinate and the more you procrastinate the less productive your day will go, hence remember Attention is the basis of any learning process.

Hence if you want to learn something then be attentive. Another example of why attention is important? have you seen disabled people, people who can’t hear or see, blind and deaf people learn things because of their unique power of attention. Their attention skill makes them learn things. Attention skill is within us since we were born, attention skill, we begin to alert to sensation well before we were born.

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Attention can also work on one interest, our mind tends to focus more on those things which we find interesting. For example, if you have two task in front of you. Suppose you are talking to someone and watching television. Then your mind will be more attentive and focused on one thing. It depends on your interest. It is easy to be attentive on things which fall under your interest but it is tough to pay attention to things which don’t fall under your interest. hence you must make your attention skill more powerful, so that you can put your 100 percent attention even to the things which are not under your interest, in order to do that you need to pay attention to your work without getting distracted, you need to generate interest in that particular work with a positive mindset that your present work no matter whether you like it or not will give you your desired result and outcome.

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For example, if you are reading book then put your entire focus on reading, or if you are dressing for a party, then put your entire attention on dressing, always give your 100 percent attention to your present ongoing task, because your power of attention plays a very important role in your success, success needs attention, because your attention will define your focus and concentration level, Your attention directly or indirectly linked with your success, hence always develop your attention skill, Always work on your self-improvement, because your self-improvement will keep you ahead in life.

Always Remember “You learn something every day if you pay attention“.

Attention is a selective process, as research shows that attention is limited hence we need to be selective on what task we need to give our focus, we need to be very sure about the task which needs our attention because most of the time we give our attention to unnecessary things which indirectly or directly affects our successful journey or productivity, hence attention needs your selective decision.

Thank you.

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