The Millionaire Mindset Summary - Review

The Millionaire Mindset Summary / Review

The Millionaire Mindset - How Ordinary People Create Extraordinary Income

Before talking about “The Millionaire Mindset : How Ordinary People Create Extraordinary Income” book let’s first discuss the Author, Gerry Robert. Gerry Robert went from living a life of poverty to earning multiple millions per year and more than $200,000,000 in the past 20 years. Robert is a recognized Expert in the field of marketing, sales, branding and book publishing, he is also the founder of black card book, one of the fastest growing book publishers in the world, based upon title acquisitions. He has written several bestselling books Including, The Millionaire Mindset, He is one of the best bestselling author, columnist, speaker, and consultant and operates globally.

The Millionaire Mindset Summary Short Summary:

The author says why a poor person who wins the lottery get back to the same place, means why often he gets back to the same poor house within 10 years? The author says The reason for this is the thinking because that poor person didn’t change his thinking, he didn’t acquire Millionaire mindset.

The Millionaire Mindset Reveals how you can finally break the cycle of poverty consciousness and take control of your life, The Millionaire Mindset book talks about how an ordinary person can make an extraordinary income.

Let’s begin with The Millionaire Mindset Summary:

Chapter 1: Magic Thinking: The key to Success

The Author says that “The mind is not the Thing, The Mind is the Activity, Mind is an Image Maker, Mind operates by the Law.”

The Universal Law:

The author says that there are some laws which are universal and they are around forever, they will work whether you know them or not- whether you use them to your advantage or not. The author says that law works all the time irrevocably for everybody, irrespective of anything. The way force of gravity exists between all objects because it is the universal law of gravitational, therefore if you step off a building, no matter who you are, gravitational force will for sure pull you off toward the ground, The Author says that the same thing holds true with the law of this book, The author says that the law is the same for all, it affects every person in the same way, hence it is very important to gain an understanding of these powerful tools which will allow you to experience what you want out of life.


Law 1: The law of Sowing and Reaping

The Author says that The sowing and reaping are the first of the Universal Laws, It is the Law of cause and effect, The Author says that whatever you sow and plant in the garden will produce a crop, there is a corresponding effect for every cause.  Hence author asks you to use this law to your advantage, You are going to manage what you sow and you are going to manage what you reap, The Author says that what you sow in the cause and what you reap is the effect.

For example: If you sow poverty thoughts in your subconscious mind then you will receive poverty, you will reap poverty as an effect, similarly, if you sow wealth related positive thinking in your mind you will receive it, hence manage your sow and reap.

Basically, whatever you will sow, you will reap, you can’t sow one seed and can’t get the other thing, you will reap what you will sow.


Law 2: Law of Polarity

The Author says that This Universal Law is Powerful, and Author use this in every day of his life, Author says that every situation has two sides, it’s on us to choose the side, The Author says that Every circumstance has its opposites, Every situation can be seen in two ways. for example, If something is very bad then it holds the potential to be very good, if things are terrible then it has the capability to fantastic on the other side.

The author says that it is we who choose, it is on us, on what we want to concentrate, We are free to choose whatever we want to concentrate on.

if your situation is dire and bleak, or bad and sad, ugly and mean, it has the ability to be absolutely fantastic. No matter where you are today, everything you encounter is affected by the law of polarity that says there are two sides to this. Start training yourself to see the good in everything. Start training yourself to see the opposite. There are two sides to everything.

Law 3: Law of Germination

This law says that things take time, you can’t expect overnight success, you need to wait, you need to be patient, you can sow something and can’t expect immediate fruition, everything takes time, many times people become impatient and just before the result they quit, that’s not right, you have to wait in order to get fruit or reward.

The Author says that This law says whatever is planted requires some time before it comes to fruition. Every idea, everything you plant, requires a certain action, a certain amount of time before the outcome is realized. You need to Sow your ideas, allow them to germinate, give them lots of energy and then you will reap the rewards. Remember what Val Van de Wall says. The only way something will grow is if it receives energy. You have to apply a lot of energy, but be patient. You’ll get what you choose, but you must give it some time. Sometimes people become impatient when they want to acquire higher incomes. If it doesn’t happen for them in the first couple of days or couple of weeks, they give up. They quit. They usually blame somebody like me who sold them an educational product and claim it didn’t work. It didn’t work because they misunderstood the law of germination. You can’t force things to happen.

Law 4: Law of Vibration

The author says that this is the powerful Law, Here this law says that in order to achieve greater we must increase the level of thinking, Author says that if you want to earn higher amount then you must think of earning higher in life.

The Author says that everything on this planet Vibrates, Thoughts are vibration, the author says that thoughts are things and everything vibrates at a certain frequency.

The Author says that Somebody who is earning $30,000 is thinking $30,000-

a-year thoughts, but the person who is earning $3 million a year is thinking three million dollar thoughts. That is a fair conclusion, wouldn’t you agree?

What we have to do is raise our thinking to a higher level so we can “vibrate,” as it were, on a much higher frequency. You need to think on a higher level so that you are able to see and attract certain things into your life.

This is the end of The Millionaire Mindset Summary. This is an amazing book, hence if you want to read all the chapters of this book then do buy it from here.

Thank you.

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  1. Nice summary. It did help me. But I think it had a lot of repetition on “the author says…”. Without that all is superb.

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