Way of the Superior Man Summary

Way of the Superior Man Summary

Blog Title: Way Of The Superior Man Summary
Name: Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire
Author: David Deida
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Way of the Superior Man- A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire
Way of the Superior Man- A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire

In this world you will usually see everything in opposite, Like opposite of day is night, opposite of cold is hot, opposite of sky is ground or earth, opposite of south pole is north pole opposite of love is hate, etc, and this opposite thing is actually needed so that our world can work smoothly, because two opposite things are usually dependent on each other, two opposite things always needed each other to run things properly and they are equally important for each other,  this same thing is also explained by chinese symbol ying yang, such as no one can die without having a life, without darkness no one will understand the value of light, and everything in this world is existing properly because of opposite things, in fact even universe needs opposites so that any energy can flow smoothly over there, example, gravitational force and magnetic field able to remain proper or able to function properly because of north and south poles, in any wire current flows only when it gets connected to two opposite terminals such as one is negative side  and the other one is positive, similarly even we humans have two opposites one male and the other one is female, and if I talk as per individual level or as per author’s word, then we humans usually have two opposite natures such as masculine and feminine, now obviously maximum man has masculine nature in them and maximum women has feminine nature, example, In 80 percent relationships man has masculine nature and female has feminine nature, and 10 percent people have both nature or medium in them and other remaining 10 percent women has masculine nature and man has feminine nature.

Now any person having one nature at maximum level whether its feminine or masculine isn’t bad, and if you want that in relationship passion love attraction and respect energy should flow properly hence two people having opposite nature can be the best thing in relationships,  because this thing keeps relationship intimidating and happy, now as I have said earlier maximum man has masculine nature and maximum women has feminine nature, hence it is very important that every man has masculine nature should keep their masculine nature very strong compare to women because that thing will make them look more attractive and will also help them to make strong connection in their relationship. And here its not only about personal relations   ship but having masculine nature will also help them in their strong professional life and also help them socially, because usually people like real man, and others respect real man hence in today’s video I will focus on man and will share few points and following those points you can improve your masculine nature which eventually will make you successful and also make you an attractive man. So let’s begin with Way of the Superior Man Summary:

The way of the Superior Man Summary Point 1:

3 stages

A man can spend his life on 3 masculine level or on 3 masculine stages,  very first level is when a man only thinks about himself, he works earns money, He does everything for himself,  he does things for his own benefit, now comes the 2nd stage,  in this stage he not only think about himself, he started earning money started working for his family, he starts thinking about his society country or world,  means at this stage he think about others rather than himself, at this stage he comes to the second level of his masculine nature and now comes the last stage, this is the strongest stage, at this stage a man accept the fact that nothing is permanent in this life,  at any given moment things can get change, everything which he had earned since very start can vanish or can get destroyed in just a second, but even if thing turns worst will not able you destroy him. No situation can destroy him.

Example, I have created my channel with lot of efforts and hard work,  I have invested a lot of time on my channel, and this channel is really very important for me at this moment at this time,  but if unfortunately something bad happens to my channel or if my channel gets vanish or because of some reasons if it gets stop,  then obviously I will feel bad very bad, but if I kept this thing in my mind always and will not try anything huge again by giving excuses that earlier I had a successful channel, it was so good that if it would have survived till now then everything would be so perfect and good,  but I have lost everything , I can’t do anything now in my life, then by doing this I won’t be behaving like a strong masculine man, because a real masculine man is someone no matter what all things he lost in his life, even if you take away all things from him, still he stands up again and will have strength and courage to rebuild everything what he has lost,  example, Andrew carnaige was one of the richest man of his time, when someone asked him about his business negatively, at that time he replied it won’t matter to me if you take away all my factories and machines and cars, just give me 4 years and I will rebuild everything and will come to the same position again, this is the actual real man attitude and even we people should have this attitude.

The way of the Superior Man Summary Point 2:

Stop waiting for completion

A boy named susant completed his graduation recently, his financial condition wasn’t good hence working and getting job was his necessity,  and as time passed his family financial condition was getting worst still he wasn’t getting ready for job, and the reason for this because he always wait so that things can be completed,  example, whenever he used to think that , I should go for an interview, at that very moment he used to think like next week on 15th our relative marriage is there, and if start doing job then going to relative marriage won’t be possible,  because I won’t get holiday so early, hence I should wait until my relatives wedding and after that il go for an interview,  as relative wedding passes, again his mind used to think that after 2 days Diwali will come, many house hold work will be there, and doing both things won’t be possible, hence I should wait and after Diwali I should go for a job, this way Diwali also passes holi comes, again he stops himself, this way he never used to go for jobs interview because every time he used to wait so that things get complete,  he almost spend two years without doing any job, and because of all this his family condition became worst and he lost his self-confidence and self-esteem.

Many times this thing happens when a person doesn’t take action for their small or bog goals because they keep on waiting so that any particular thing gets complete, example,  I will for sure join gym immediately after this month gets over, I will start my YouTube channel immediately after my college gets complete, I will for sure form a new habit as this year gets over with this coming new year resolution.,  etc., even I had done this thing many times, but the actual fact said by author is this thing makes our masculine nature very weak, because a real man should never wait for a perfect time in which he’ll be taking action which he already decided,  but a real man should understand that things can’t be perfect all the time, hence after deciding a man should immediately should take action towards finishing the work, this thing is the best way to get success and also best for his masculine nature, hence never wait to take actions just take it.

The way of the Superior Man Summary Point 3:

Don’t fake your edge

Suppose there is a vacant road only dangerous dogs are standing,  now a man reach that road and after looking those dogs he stand still because he is very much afraid of dogs,  so he stands still at the same place and waits so that those dogs go somewhere else, now another man comes there and even he stop looking those dogs because even he has fear of dogs, when the first person ask other men, like is he scare of dogs, then other person replies no of course not I am not even afraid of lion then these are just small dogs the reason I am waiting is my friend, I am waiting for him,  now obviously that man was lying and even another man understands it very well, first man says, brother, I am very much scared of dogs and that the reason I am waiting so that those dogs move and I can go to my home, while they were having conversation the third person comes and even he stops because even he is afraid of dogs, he says that I am very much scared of dog, but I have read somewhere that if we walk in confidence and courage those dogs will not do anything to us,  so by saying this he takes a deep breath and with confidence passes that way.

Now in this story, you tell me which man behaved manly?  Well just like this situation even in real life there are three types of man, first type, where a person knows and also understand their flaws but still instead of fighting and overcoming those flaws, they quit fighting even before trying. Similar to the first person he has dog fear but instead of overcoming it he was standing and hoping that things will turn right on its own.  And this is for sure not strong masculine nature,

Now comes the second type,  second type of people usually hide their flaws and mistakes  they lie and behave as if they have no flaws, these people are like even if they don’t have enough knowledge about any particular topic still they pretend as if they know everything and they keep on talking without sense and there lie and fakeness becomes so evident that anyone can identify and understand their lie, and this thing never shows sigh of strong masculine nature, similar to the second person who is not even admitting that he has fear of dogs, lastly third type of person who understands short comings they never feel embarrassed to accept their flaws they never feel shy, these people are usually real type of people, and these people usually face their flaws like a man and they also work and takes action towards overcoming them, and these are the actual real masculine people, and everyone likes them,  because real man is not the person who isn’t afraid of anything but the real man is someone even after getting afraid of something they face it and take actions for it, and even you should be like this.

The way of the Superior Man Summary Point 4:

Just beyond the edge

Earlier I used to think like people who are very much serious about their gym why they spend so much to keep a trainer because almost every gym related stuff and info person can get free through youtube channel and mobile apps,  and they can even learn everything from there easily, well I got an answer for this from tai lopez video, he himself kept an expensive professional trainer , in that video he told that reason for keeping trainer is not only about how much sets you should take or how much you shouldn’t, its more than that,  because reason for keeping trainer is trainers push you more than your limit, trainers encourage you to go beyond your limits, they forcefully make you exercise even if you are not in mood, and this is the actual problem of most of the people, usually trainer ask person to do more than a limit, they put pressure  because they know that person gets maximum benefit, their muscle growth will be more only when they go beyond the edge limit, in that extra effort person can get maximum outcome, this isn’t limited to body building but also important related to every aspect of our lives, and a real man understands it very well, hence they always try to do little extra , they never run away from doing anything extra,  and even you should be like this, example, suppose your capability is doing only 10 pushups then don’t stop just after your comfort limit push yourself little above the edge, try to do extra 4 or 5 pushups, because this is very manly and this will make you more masculine, hence always try to do above your limits.

The way of the Superior Man Summary Point 5:

Enjoy criticism

You must have noticed that usually boys friends always say bad about each other, they always crack jokes about each other, but still they never feel bad about each other comments and jokes, they usually laugh, but things aren’t similar to girls,  because usually girls never say anything on other girls face, they never criticize each other but by chance if anyone says anything on their face they feel sad and gets upset and becomes defensive, well this example can be wrong for most of the people but here author wants to know that person who has strong masculine nature they usually never feel bad about direct criticism,  they don’t get hurt easily. They don’t get defensive quickly after hearing small criticisms, whereas if someone’s masculine nature isn’t strong enough then those man are always ready to say bad about others, but when other criticize them or if someone tells them about their real flaws they start feeling bad they become defensive they start arguments and also gets hurt many a times,  hence to become a real man try not to get upset or defensive by real criticism, if it’s true then accept it and sometimes learn to laugh at your own self, because this thing is quite manly.

These are some points from Way Of The Superior Man Summary. This is really an important book for relationships and to improving work life, so if you want to learn everything from this book then can take it from the given links.

Download Way Of The Superior Man at: Audible
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