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Truth Of Life

If you want to understand the truth of life then you must kill the lie. Lie usually influence us. Lie never allows us to move forward. Lie stop us from knowing the actual truth of life. Here lie means anger, negative vibes, wrong desires, bad influence. If you want to know the truth of life, if you want to know the actual meaning and value of life then you must kill all lies, you must overcome all negative influence in order to face the real truth of life, the reason I am using killing word here because once you kill something that thing doesn’t come again in your life, hence you must kill all lies all negative influence and wrong doings from your life and it shouldn’t come to your life again.

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If you are willing to know the truth of life then it means you are willing to move forward towards the happiness, peace, kindness, love, and success, Truth of life is happiness, peace, love, kindness, sharing, helping, humanity, God has given us wonderful life, we all have humanity in us, but as we grow lies start influencing us and that lies covers the truth of life, very few people are able to see the truth of life, and those very few people are able to achieve happy and peaceful life.

Truth of life is killing the past, truth of life is living life with love and humanity, truth of life is learning from past and moving forward, truth of life is mindfulness living in present and working hard and smart for future, Truth of life is not about cribbing, criticizing, regrets, worry or selfishness, Truth of life is peaceful, loving and caring, hence if you want to know the real truth of life then understand the value of unity love care kindness and humanity, all these positive emotions feelings and attitude is all we need to have successful, happy and a peaceful life.

Truth of life is that human are given free will by god, we are the unique and very special creature of god, We have the capability to change our destiny, our hard work and smart work can make us what we always dream for, our habits decision and actions can make us or can break us, The biggest truth of life is we all are self-made people, But unfortunately only successful people admit it, unsuccessful people always blame god, environment or other people for their unsuccessful life.

Truth of life is we must believe in ourselves, but our lies influence us and never allow us to believe in ourselves and that influence ruins our life and never allow us to face the real truth of life, Truth of life is positive, but lies cover that with negativity, hence if you want to know the real truth of life then believe in yourself and take command of your life in your own hands.

There are some truths of life which we must always remember because the truth of life has the power to change our lives

1. Truth of Life is Happiness depends on you

True happiness doesn’t depend on external events, People run behind materialistic things, I am not saying that dreaming for luxurious life is bad, but giving your entire life just for that one part of your life is something not good, your life is not only limited to luxurious things, it is just one part of your life, your happiness is more about emotions and attitude, emotions and attitude is in you since the time you were born hence if you have positive emotions feelings and attitude then you can stay happy in every situation and in every environment no matter what the time or day may bring.

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2. Truth of life is Mindfulness

No one can become successful in their past, hence you must work hard and smart in your present moment so that can make your future great, Regretting for your past mistakes can only ruin your present moment and happiness, You can’t change your past and you can’t see your future but yes you can make your future good with your present decision and experience hence stay in the moment, because the only moment you ever experience during your precious beautiful life is here and now, so stay in the moment.

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3. Truth of life is Time Flies

Time is a great equalizer, every individual has the same amount of time, same 24 hours, and you must utilize every minute and every second properly, because time is the only thing which never comes back, hence always utilize your time properly, never waste your time thinking on things which you can’t change, never procrastinate for important work, always stay in the moment especially when you are with your loved ones, use your time wisely.

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4. Truth of life is united we stand divided we fall

Survival needs unity, not only humans but even animals understand the importance of unity, as it says if you want to go fast then walk alone but if you want to go far then walk together, no one can build an empire alone, everyone needs someone in order to survive in this world, humans are emotional creature and we need emotional support in order to stay happy and motivated, hence motivation, happiness, and survival needs unity.

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5. Truth of life is Self-love is not selfish

Self-love is not selfish, you just can’t love another person until and unless you don’t love yourself. If you don’t love and respect yourself then loving another person can be very difficult for you. “Me” Time is always as important as social life, if you want to bring more love to the world then it first starts with your home, first start loving yourself only then you will be able to love others.

There’s a huge difference between self-love and self-obsession, self-love teaches you the importance of believing in yourself, self-love will teach you importance of love, care and respect, self-obsessed people usually think that everyone is less than them, they are superior and the entire world is inferior, self-obsessed people are usually arrogant, they only love themselves, self-love people not only love themselves but they love and respect others as well.

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6. Truth of life is nothing comes under comfort zone

Comfort zone is a nice place but nothing ever grows there, if you want to grow then you must move out of your comfort zone only then you’ll able to see success, comfort zone will increase fear in you, hence never be afraid to change, sometimes change is the only thing which is needed for your success.

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7. Truth of life is nothing in this world is perfect

I have heard many people saying that I will start enjoying my life only when I have everything or only when my life becomes perfect, if you put your happiness on hold until everything in your life is perfect, then you are just sacrificing your life,  because our soul always give birth to new desires and dreams, and perfection is just a myth, nothing in this world is perfect hence never depend your happiness on anything, just be happy for everything you have and work hard for things which you always want.

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8. Truth of life is forgiveness

Forgiveness is good for your health, because if you keep grudges then you are keeping yourself imprisoned, hence free yourself by forgiving others, never hold grudges because holding grudges destroys your happiness and mental peace hence free yourself and free your mental stress.

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9. Truth of life is achieving what you always desire

Always believe yourself always understand that you have free will, your wise decision and proper action can make you achieve what you always dream about hence always work hard and smart for your goals and passion, never have life without goals and passion, because life without a goal is like a bird without wings.

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10. Truth of life is never to give yourself boundaries

Limit is in your mind, hence never give boundaries to yourself, never say that you can’t do something, at least try and then see the results, always have I will attitude never have I quit attitude, Because our attitude makes a huge difference hence never limit yourself, always go above your limit in order to achieve your desired result or outcome.

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The truth of life is that yes you can do and you can make a huge difference.

Thank you.

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