We Indians are Emotional Fools by Politician

We Indians are Emotional Fools by Politician

There is no Doubt that We Indians are Very Emotional and sensitive, And just a few Fake Emotional words can fool us. Most of the Time Emotions influence Logical Thinking, And that Negative Influence Ruins our nation our country’s peace, harmony, and Unity. We Indian Know How to Love and Respect Others, But most of the time We are wrongly Influenced by Politicians for their own Benefits.

As I said We Indian Are Emotional and sensitive and there is no doubt about it, BUT there is another fact on which We can’t disagree and that fact is We Indians are Emotional Fools, Here I am using a word “fool” not to discourage emotions or to offend people, but here I have used Fool word to wake up people and to make them face the reality, We Indians are fooled so Easily by Politicians, Politicians divide us for their personal benefits, In India Politicians plays Divide and Rule card, they know that Normal people like us have the power to change the country, they know that normal people can live happily and peacefully in India when they believe in Unity, hence politicians play Divide and rule card and Talk about casteism, communalism, religion etc, We Indians are very Religious, And when talked about Religion people easily get offended, Because Religion is a Very Emotional and sensitive Topic For Indians, Hence politicians Again Fool us by saying false things about Religions, Every Religion in this world talks about Humanity peace unity and harmony, And if we live with unity and peace then no one can stop us from becoming a developed country.

Another fact, India comes under Poor country, Most of The Indians live poor life, they live under malnutrition Because our mentality which is influenced by politicians is not allowing us to move beyond religious topic, doesn’t allow us to move beyond casteism, Communism etc, Our India is a Democratic Country, But i hardly see any democracy, I see Influence of Politicians over Normal people and that influence easily fool us and stop us from living In unity.

I am not saying That being Emotional is not right, Our Country’s emotional nature is still holding the unity, But never allow your emotions to influence logical thinking, never allow negative publicity to fool your soft and genuine heart, never allow politicians to divide you, always have emotional heart with logical thinking, only then we Indians will be able to see the Reality of Politicians and political world, Politicians always work for their benefit, therefore they never talk about Unemployment, massive poverty, illiteracy, inflation, corruption, farmer suicides because they know such news doesn’t have controversy, hence they pick controversial topics and For India the most controversial topic is talking about Region, Caste, communalism, etc.

Politicians Fools us always, when Election comes, they talk about progress, what all things they will do if we give our votes to them, how many changes they will bring, how much employment will they provide, how they will protect girls, what all laws they will change for women protection etc but the moment Election goes, their behavior and words changes, instead of doing something for our country, they talk about Religion, they pinpoint each other, they come to news channels and do debate on unnecessary topics, they say bad about each other, After Election Politicians just talk and do nothing to improve our country’s future, they just believe in talking and soon another election comes, again they start with same old fake speech so that they can fool us, they can fool Indians, and the speech which politicians give us during election time is not written by them, writer writes speech for politicians, this proves that politicians just wanted to fool us by their best speech, they never mean a single word which they speak in front of public, they just know how to talk and fool Indians.

Indian Politicians Fool us By making various promises at the time of Election Such as I will bring Black money back to India which is Stacked in Foreign banks, we are still waiting for that black money, another promise, i will make entire Delhi Wifi zone, another fake promise, I will clean up entire Ganga etc, there were many promises made to us since politics started in our country, but hardly any promises are fulfilled, Our Country’s politicians use Normal people hard work money for their own benefits, and spend our hard work money for their tours, Our taxed money is used for unnecessary things, Politicians never fails to increase taxes but always fail to develop our country, Politicians never fail to raise prices of petrol and diesel but always fail to provide enough food and education to poor people, Politicians never fail to fool us, never fail to make fake promises but fail to fulfill the promises which they made during elections, Politicians Know how to Fool Us, By talking about Controversial topics, but they don’t know how to make India Proud. Politicians just Talk about each other and about how to disturb the unity of India but they don’t know how to let people live in unity peace and harmony, Politicians only know how to influence people in a negative way, but they never influence people in a positive way.

Politicians are able to fool us because we allow them to influence us, we believe them and their fake promises, Politicians are able to break our unity because we allow them to do it, Hence as Indians, we should never allow any negative publicity or any negative statements to change our logical thinking, We should always believe in ourselves and in our own positive beliefs, we should raise our voice against injustice, we should always follow humanity, kindness and empathy, we should always believe in the phrase called United we stand divided we fall, We should work for the betterment of our country, we should always understand the importance of vote, Politicians are able to fool us because we allow them to fool us, Understand that we have the power to change the world, we can make our country a better place to live, hence Improve your thinking, improve your mentality only then you will be able to make our country a better place to live, Your mentality, your mental thinking matters a lot, because Politicians will play controversial topic cards to fool us, it is on us whether to allow them to influence us or to stand against their wrong and negative influence,  in order to make our country Proud, Have Humanity, kindness, Positive and logical emotions and Thinking.

There are several ways Politicians fool us “Indians” Easily

They talk about Controversial topics

They fool us Related to Superstitious topics

They make false promises

They Play divide and rule card

They talk about things which is useless but controversial and avoid useful topics such as farmer suicide, death rates, Rape cases, poverty etc

Nowadays even Rapes are linked with Religion, Nowadays rape is not about women but it’s about religion.

Even in Social media, nowadays news or forwarded messages are shared which increase hatred amongst people and all those negative images or messages most of the time is fake, hence avoid them never allow those messages or images on social media to influence your day and mind negatively, never share anything until and unless you don’t have proper source, whether it’s right information or not, because most of the time messages are forwarded on social sites which are not real and it’s just forwarded either to earn money or to fool people, because people nowadays have no heart, they just work for money they don’t care what their fake messages can cause, How much hatred it can generate, hence be logical and don’t share until and unless you don’t know the proper source.

Never allow yourself to indulge in negativity, never allow yourself to be fooled by Politicians, have a logical thinking, and never forward anything until and unless you don’t do three filter test, because that Three filter test will save your peaceful day.

Thank you.

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  1. I agree on this,
    But what to do?
    Other side is more harmful and foolish, who fooled us for years.
    So, we are giving a chance to present politicians they seem less dangerous.
    And people like us have bigger role in this condition by just talking about it without any active action.

    1. The best thing we can do as voters is to stop voting for a certain party and start voting for the right candidate in our respective region

  2. But all the problem we can solve .we are not working together as an Indian. we work for our selfish mind.
    If we work together to make a better future then we must be achieve our visions.

  3. Yes..very truly said..But by mistake I used these words Emotionally fools for Indians twice in facebook..may be someone complained nd my account was warned..Even m also Indian…

  4. But what about the fake , bad nd abusive languages nd hate messages which has totally crippled social media..

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