What Is Win-Win Situation

What Is Win-Win Situation

Most of the people learn to base their self-worth by comparison and competition. We believe that we will succeed only when someone will fail. We have a belief that in any competition only one person can win. We believe that if we want to win than other has to lose. If we want a big piece of a pie then other will get a small piece. We always think of getting success in terms of someone else failing. This is unfair kind of thinking, we must think about a win-win situation, we should not only think about our benefit but others too, we must always think of the mutual benefit.

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Nowadays people think of win-lose situations, where one will get the best part and other has to suffer, this kind of situation is best on a temporary basis but for long-term success win-win game is the best game because the win-win game makes both sides happy and joyful, Win-win game strengthen relationship and bonds. You must be thinking what exactly is win-win situation or game, Win-win sees life as a cooperative arena, not as a competition, win-win is a frame of mind and heart which constantly seek mutual benefit of both sides, win-win always work for mutual benefits in all human interactions, Win-win means that both the side gets equal benefit and happiness.

Win-win means both people get the same quantity and quality of pie, no one will get small or large, but everyone will get a same and equal amount of pie, benefits, and happiness.

Win-win not only works for business but it works in every aspect of your life, whether it’s relationship, love or in attitude. Win-win will make your life easy and joyful, win-win doesn’t work for the selfish motive but it works for Equal Benefits.

Win-win Situation in every aspect of your life:

1) Three characteristics

A person or organization that approaches conflict with a win-win attitude possesses three vital characteristics:

First Characteristic: Abundance mentality: Here person feels that there is plenty for everyone, here person will not only think of himself/herself but for others too.

Second characteristic: Integrity: here person stick to their true values, commitment and to their true feelings

third characteristic : Maturity: Here the person will not hide or feel shy to share their ideas or plan they share it with courage and also stay open for others ideas and plan, don’t consider themselves superior they stay open for others opinion as well.

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2) What is win-win

Most of the people feel that either you can be nice or you can be tough, but win-win requires to be both, win-win requires us to balance both acts, ask us to balance courage as well as consideration, in order to go for win-win, we not only require to be empathetic but also to be confident, you don’t have to be considerate or sensitive but you also need to be brave, and in order to learn to balance between courage and consideration you need to be mature and should also be empathetic, Win-Win situation will have mutual benefits, will have equal distribution and will have equal happiness.

No sides will lose under the win-win situation.

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3) What is a win-win situation at a workplace

While some companies or small firms hire employees and never think about their benefit, some organization just want their own benefit, they pay less and ask for more work, they ask for late sittings and they just forget about employees personal life, such kind of organizations don’t deal with conflicts as a win-win.

But there are some fast-forward thinking organizations too, who think about win-win because they know that win-win will make their employees happy and joyful and that happiness of the employee will make their organization grow stronger, some organization provides Time flexibility to their employees, they offer bonus and reward for good employees, they provide vacation expenses and also lifetime pension etc, such organizations deal with conflicts as a win-win.

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4) What is a win-win situation in Relationship

In a relationship, both will give and take, both will compromise and sacrifice at some point in their life, not only one person will do everything for another, but both will do for each other, both will equally contribute to a relationship, no one will demand more from each other, win-win relationship works for mutual benefits.

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5) What is a win-win attitude

A person who has Win-win Attitude has empathy for others, Win-win attitude is a good attitude and a positive attitude, it works for unity, it works for mutual benefits, It’s a kind of attitude who looks for every individual growth, Win-win Attitude person doesn’t see the situation as a competitive one, but it sees it as a cooperative arena, Win-win attitude person believes in equality and believes in harmony peace and joy, Win-win attitude person is also positive and confident about their decisions they never take advantage, they work for unity and always have a long term success vision.

Thank you.

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