Why Books Are Better Than Internet

17 Reasons Books Are Better Than the Internet

I have shared many blogs saying Benefits of reading books. Books help in all aspects of your life. But today, I will share Why Books Are Better Than the Internet because many still believe that the Internet has more benefits than reading books. The Internet is fast, and the power can’t be denied, and Books are a slow process because they allow their users and readers to internalize, respond, react and transform. Books are more reliable than sources on the internet because they have been reviewed before publishing. The information in books stays for an extended period while you may have the information on the internet changing every hour.

Books have been proven more reliable, but the internet is conventional. You know that the source in books is more legitimate than that on the internet. The internet has so much information, anything can be posted at any time, and you have no idea whether it is honest, true, or false. The Internet itself came from books. You can learn why books are important. The internet has understood the power of books, which nowadays digital books are being sold on the internet; there are many web pages and app which sells Books, printed, digital, in all format.

Books are the storehouse of single-topic information; it is comprehensive, specific and complete; all the information which is needed; books don’t confuse us; they never waste our brain energy to decide where to go next; the forward flip of each page makes that decision for us, reserving all our energy for learning.

17 Reasons Why Books are better than the internet

1) Single-topic information

The Internet can bring back 100,000 Answers, But Reading a Book can bring you back the right ones; as I said above, books are single-topic information; you will get all the information and knowledge related to your question.

2) Books are relaxing

Yes, Books are more relaxing, it reduces depression, it reduces stress and anxiety, it takes you to the imaginative world, it puts your mind and body at ease; losing yourself in a great story can be the perfect remedy for stress.

3) Lifelong principles

As I said above, Books are a slow process because it allows their users and readers to internalize, respond, react and transform; the lifelong principles mentioned in a book motivate readers, give them a new path and new perspective, make them see the world more positively, make them see the world with a different perspective altogether, make them understand the actual happiness and reality of life, make them more responsible.

4) Brings positivity

Books spread motivation and positivity amongst their readers; it shares knowledge which allows the reader to see the world in a new way, it reduces mental pressure by giving a solution to their problems; books usually don’t have untrue facts, logic or information, books go through thorough checking before it gets published, the internet has the possibility of fake facts, Internet distract users by pop-ups and links. The internet has many pages which share adultery videos, which usually distract users’ attention and focus, but that’s not the case with books; books are a single-based topic, and they don’t have pop-ups and don’t share things which aren’t required.

5) Immersiveness

Books can fully immerse the reader in a different world, allowing them to visualize the characters and settings in their mind and get lost in the story. On the other hand, the internet can often be a source of distractions, pulling the reader away from the content they are trying to engage with.

6) Quiet Reflection

Reading a book allows for quiet reflection, where the reader can contemplate the story, characters, and themes in a peaceful and uninterrupted environment. The internet, however, is often filled with distractions, such as pop-up ads, notifications, and background noise, making it difficult for the reader to focus and retain information.

7) Tangibility

The physical experience of holding a book, flipping its pages, and marking passages, adds a level of personal connection and appreciation that a digital device can’t replicate. Holding a book also gives the reader a sense of ownership and pride in their collection.

8) Attention Span

Reading a book requires sustained focus and attention, which can help improve cognitive function, concentration, and memory retention. On the other hand, the internet is full of short-form content designed to be consumed quickly and easily, leading to shallow engagement and limited retention of information.

9) Deeper Understanding

Books often provide more in-depth information and analysis than surface-level information on the internet. They allow the reader to gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter and to explore it at their own pace.

10) Storytelling

The art of storytelling is more developed and sophisticated in books than on the internet, where information is often presented in bite-sized pieces. Books allow the reader to experience a well-crafted and engaging narrative with complex characters, plot twists, and emotional journeys.

11) Permanent Record

Unlike websites that can be edited or deleted, books provide a permanent record of knowledge and cultural heritage that can be passed down from generation to generation. They offer a tangible and durable source of information that can be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

12) Unfiltered Thoughts

Books often provide the author’s unfiltered thoughts and ideas, whereas the internet can be subject to censorship and political bias. This allows the reader to gain a deeper understanding of the author’s perspective and to engage with their ideas without interference.

13) Offline Access

Books can be read anywhere, even without an internet connection, whereas access to the internet is required for most forms of digital media. This makes books ideal for those who live in remote areas or travel frequently.

14) Nostalgia

Reading a book can evoke nostalgia and take the reader back to a specific time and place in their life, which is difficult to achieve through online content. Holding a book and turning its pages can bring back memories and emotions from previous reading experiences.

15) Cultural Significance

Books have been a fundamental part of human culture for centuries and have played a significant role in shaping societies and advancing human knowledge. They hold a level of cultural significance and historical value unparalleled by the internet.

16) Reading Skills

Reading books helps develop essential reading skills such as comprehension, vocabulary, and critical thinking. It is a fundamental aspect of education and personal development that is still valued in modern society.

17) Emotional Connection

Books often evoke strong emotions, such as empathy and compassion, allowing the reader to connect with the characters and their experiences in a deep and meaningful way. This emotional connection can enrich the reader’s life and broaden their perspectives.


Reading books is an enriching and enlightening experience that can make us feel intelligent and invigorated.

The comfort and imagination that comes with reading are unparalleled – as we delve into a book, our brain becomes active, and our imagination takes flight.

Our imagination can shape our desires and aspirations, and reading can tap into this potential. It’s important to note that the internet also has great value and usefulness, providing access to a wealth of information and knowledge.

However, the internet offers many options and perspectives on a given topic, while books often provide a more in-depth, focused examination of a specific subject.

Ultimately, the choice between relying on the internet or books for information and knowledge is personal, and it’s up to the individual to weigh the options and make an informed decision. Reading books can be a wonderful and fulfilling experience, and this guide will help you learn how to fully enjoy the process.

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful article. I feel both books and internet have a very different perspective of looking things at. In their own space both are excellent but areas such as academics, research, self motivation etc. books have an upper hand than internet. Where as areas such as data intensive/data rich content, information verification, quick facts etc. internet supersedes books.

  2. Very True and is needed for today’s generation……..
    well done and is really helpful!!????????????????

    1. You may have but at least you should be smart enough to know that boooka will contain more information on this topic than this article on the internet

  3. this page is on the internet meaning if people only used books people would never see this, but if their was no internet people wouldn’t need to make this. this article is true and stated lots of key points and is vary good. you gave me a reason to have mixed feelings.

    1. I cant help but think how the most important reason was left out. #1 books are totaly comprehensive it might take an author 25 years of reader history to write a book on one single thing . Also the time peroid and perspective are often the same very important .1

  4. I cant help but think how the most important reason was left out. #1 books are totaly comprehensive it might take an author 25 years of reader history to write a book on one single thing . Also the time peroid and perspective are often the same very important .1

  5. You have no idea but you’ve just made my day. Like I was reading articles on Internet v/s Book and was disappointed that how easily people chose internet over books. Like man, You’ve no idea if it’s even honest or someone is just spreading false things. Honestly great work there. Keep it up.

  6. Today’s generation is so much obsessed with internet that they even forgot how to live a life while our ancestors used to read book and they were at their time .I am not blaming internet but instant access of anything make us lazy so reading book is somehow effective because it takes time and attention.internet is a effective source but should be used in alimit

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