Why Money Is Important

Why Money Is Important?

Why Money Is Important? Money is an essential commodity which every individual requires in order to run their lives, not only in today’s era but in every era money has been the most essential and influential commodity. The moment Barter system has taken its way out, Money has taken its place since then money has become the most influential commodity in every individual’s life. It has become the part and parcel of our lives.

Philosophically money can’t buy everything but practically money is the basic thing which is used for almost everything. Money gives you buying capability, money is an essential commodity which is used for calculating the status of any person, In my Youtube Videos I always talk about why saving money is important. How your saved money will help you in the future and what percentage of your income must be saved.

In today’s blog I will share why money is important, philosophically money can’t buy everything, but practically money can influence and can make you live a luxurious and comfortable life, hence Money has its importance which shouldn’t be ignored, Money is a necessity, It enables us to have the (basics at minimum) of what we need to survive, The better we are in earning, saving and spending, the more chances we have to live a luxurious and a comfortable life.

Why Money Is Important? Four Important Points:

1) Why Money Is Important? Happiness

If you have money, then you can buy your luxurious house, car and every materialistic thing which people dream for, Money can make you rule in the materialistic world, Money can make you buy materialistic happiness, money can give you luxurious and a comfortable life.

2) Why Money Is Important? Medical Care

People who have money can buy good quality medical care, In today’s world nothing is for free, people can have good medical care when they are capable of paying good money, Money can buy good treatment, if someone does not have enough money, then they can only dream of getting a good quality medical care and a good doctor or good hospital.

3) Why Money Is Important? Authority

Money gives power and authority, For example, Ambani’s, Tata’s, Birla’s etc All successful rich people have power and authority, people will think 10 times or 100 times before messing with them, because they have that power and authority and that power and authority is given to them because they have money, because they are rich, Now thinking that money comes without hard work, then such thinking is just a myth, These successful rich people have power because they have earned that by earning money and they earned money by doing smart work and hard work.

What is Money Myths?

4) Why Money Is Important? Fit Life

I am not saying that people who don’t have enough money they can’t have a healthy or a fit life, obviously they can, but people who have money for them maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes easy compared to people who don’t have money, because they can join good gym, they can hire trainer and dietician, Money Reduces daily struggle.

Like I always say that everything has its two sides and sometimes things can have more than two sides, it depends on the situation and the perspective, if money has its pros, then it has its cons too, But at the end, it all depends on us,  Money gives you power but gives you responsibility too, If money can reduce your daily struggle then it can also make you dependent which can affect your daily growth, If Money can buy luxurious comfortable life, then it also has a potential of making you lazy and ignorant about small real happiness.

Having money and not having money both can work in your favor if you learn to live life happily. Money has its importance which shouldn’t be ignored, Money can make you survive, it’s you who should know How to Live and Survive Happily.

Thank you.

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