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What Are The Aspect Of Our Lives

What Are The Aspect Of Our Lives? We all have heard a phrase Actions speak louder than words, but do we really follow this phrase in our lives? Do we really understand its importance? Do we understand the in-depth meaning of this phrase? No actually we people take this thing very lightly and we feel that running away from taking actions is avoidable and it won’t be harmful to them or for others, But the fact is totally opposite. Not taking action and only talking will not only affect you but it will affect your life as well as your loved ones and others too, I have noticed many people who just like to talk, they like to give promises, but as next day comes, all their promises and talk goes under the basket and never comes out as an action, for example, politician they love to talk before elections, they love to give false promises, but as they get maximum votes or as election gets over, their entire talk and promises gets vanish.

Talk is really very cheap Action makes it expensive, and if you always talk and give false promises and never fill that promises and talk with actions, then next time no one will buy your talk, Many people love to talk, they love to give promises and as next day comes they forget everything and return to same old school or pavilion, and this behavior not only make them less trustworthy but also affect their own potential and creditability? Because always talking about actions and not implementing those actions actually will make them doubt about their own potential, will make them feel as if they are good for nothing and they can’t do anything good in this life.

More talking and less or no action make others also doubt You and about your potential, Others will for sure not trust you again, People will give a second guess about your words, because people like someone who always stand on his/her words, who understand the value of words and action, who understand that talking is easy and cheap and to make that cheap thing expensive action is required, hence people who always stand on their words by taking actions gets respect and people trust their words.

Many people say then talking and not taking action is not a big deal, everyone does it, and no one’s watching anyway and no one care about your actions, No that’s not the fact, there’s a huge difference between becoming prison of others mind and Not taking actions, we people should understand that what you do weighs more than what you say,  if you don’t support your words with consistent actions then you will never able to face success in any aspect of your life.

As we all know talk doesn’t cook rice, if you want to cook rice then you need to get up from your bed need to take action only then you will be able to see cooked rice. We people need to take actions in every aspect of our lives to make our life successful happy and peaceful, we people have three important aspects of our lives, Relationships, Professional life and health, our entire life moves around these three aspects and each aspect needs to be perfect so that we can live happily and peacefully, but Do we get happiness and satisfaction in all aspects of our life just by talking? No obviously not, every aspect of our lives needs continuous actions, your words need to be supported by consistent actions.

Today I will share Three aspect of our lives, which requires continuous actions

Aspect Of Our Lives 1. Health

The very first and most important aspect of our life is our health, Because when human is healthy physically and mentally only then person can put more attention towards other two aspects of his/her life, Health needs your attention as well as action, just by sitting at home or at workplace and thinking that you need to start doing exercise or yoga or meditation, this thinking and talking will hold no value until and unless you don’t support it by your immediate action.

For example, Your friend ask you to join gym along with him, with all energy you say yes, but as next day comes you call your friend and give excuse about not getting enough time, then this will not only make your friend doubt about your potential but your friend will not trust your words as well, and you yourself doubt about your potential.

When person seriously cares about his health, then a person doesn’t come up with an excuse, they come up with proper planning because people who understand value of actions and how it helps they never change their goal they become flexible about their methods.

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Aspect Of Our Lives 2. Relationship

Second most important aspect of our lives is relationship, Our family friends and loved ones are the actual reason behind our support care and motivation, we always say that we care about our loved ones, but saying will not show anything until and unless your actions don’t match your words, you need to show your affection love and respect to your loved ones, for example, saying that you really care instead of that if you call them every day asking them about their day , then that action will show your care and your loved ones will understand it very well, for example instead of saying your partner that you support her/him, go to his/her work place. Attend his/her presentation or go attend your kids sports day and other concerts and events this will show them your support and love more compare to just saying because actions add more meaning and happiness to your words.

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Aspect Of Our Lives 3. Passion, Dream and Work

Your passion dream and work will go smooth and satisfactory only when you take action towards it, for example, you have passion of singing, sitting home and always saying that I love singing will not give you success or opportunity but going out taking action towards your passion will bring opportunity and success to you, you get success happy life only when you take action in every aspect of your life, your action should always support your words, because what you do weighs more than what you say.

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