Difference Between Winners and Losers

8 Major Difference Between Winners and Losers

What is the Difference Between Winners and Losers?

A failure can become a winner, but losers can never become a failure, for me losers are the ones who never try, they accept their failure before trying anything new, they fear to do new things because they afraid to fail, they have fear about what others will say, how others will judge them, losers always do what others ask them to do, losers never learn new things, because they always have a fixed mindset, they have a belief that people who achieve something huge in life have luck and god is with them, they have natural talent and skill, A loser never tries hence they never make mistakes and they never fail and always stays in the same comfort zone,  and never able to move towards their success journey, A loser always wish for success, always wish that one day his dreams will come true, but never do anything to move towards that dream and passion, never takes a step ahead towards his success journey, he just assume and wish and fails to take action.

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Whereas a failure can be a winner, because person fails only when he is trying something new, person making mistakes is a sign of trying, falling is not a problem but not standing up again is a problem, and that’s the huge difference between a failure and loser, failures fall but stand up again with a solution and move on towards the journey, whereas losers afraid to fall hence they never to take a step ahead and always wish and later regrets, Hence a failure can become a winner but a loser can’t even become a failure, for example, All huge and successful peoples were failure hence they able to become winner, because they never afraid to make mistakes they never afraid to move on, they never afraid to take risk for their passion, they plan, set goals and while moving towards their journey they failed made mistakes but never lose their hope faith and always put their hard work, hence successful people were failures they weren’t losers. If they would have acted like losers then they wouldn’t have faced such huge success, for example, Steve job failed but didn’t give up and finally able to bring huge change in this world, Mark Zuckerberg failed saw many obstacles made mistakes but didn’t give up hence faced huge success etc. almost all successful people failed but they refuse to become a loser, they fall but they didn’t give up.

Here are the 8 Difference Between Winners and Losers:

1. Self-driven

Winners know what they want from life, they know what they want to do in their life hence they never take no as an answer, whenever they see downfall in their lives they self-motivate themselves and move on with more energy and enthusiasm, they come up with solutions, they never quit, they never stop unless they don’t achieve what they want.

Michael Jordan said I have missed more than 9000 shots in my career, I have failed again and again in my life, and that is why I succeed.”

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2. They are learners

Losers have losers mentality, they believe that learning doesn’t help, having knowledge doesn’t pay you back, they believe that luck is everything, they have a mentality that whether person has knowledge or not if they have good luck then they can achieve anything, and this kind of mentality never allows them to grow.

A winner knows the importance of learning new things and gaining knowledge, because they are wise enough to know that they don’t know everything, and they understand that knowledge holds a great power and hence they read to learn.

They believe that books hold precious treasures, they know that in this world every person they going to meet for sure knows something new which they don’t hence they never act superior or arrogant, they behave humble kind and down to earth.

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3. More responsible

Losers love to play blame game, at first they never do what they want, they listen to others, they do what others ask them to do, they never put forward their opinion and never make their own decisions, they do this so that later they can blame others for all the wrong and bad things going in their life, however winners take 100 percent responsibility for their lives, they have a believe that whatever is happening in their lives is because of their decisions and hence they learn from their wrong decisions and never repeat them, they know that they have control over their destiny, they have control over their emotions and they never ask others to decide for them.

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4. Optimistic

One of the major difference between losers and winners is Being positive, Winners are positive thinkers, they always see positive things in every situation, they never take tension for too long, feeling tensed and nervous is normal but stretching that tension for too long will not correct the situation, hence they become positive about the situation because they know that positivity will open opportunities and solution for them.

As it says, be careful what you say, because you are listening.

We have the capability to control our emotions and it’s on us how we want our brain-mind to feel, hence try to be optimistic always for every situation, because this kind of behavior will not only make you feel good but also take care of your health and as we all know health is wealth.

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5. Focused, action-oriented, hard worker

Losers easily get distracted, and easily shift their focused and they are not confirmed what they are really willing to do in their lives, whereas Winners always stay focused they are passionate, they know what they really want to do and where exactly they see themselves after 5 years, and winners not only think but they take actions and work hard in order to achieve their dream life, they don’t believe is talking but they believe in actions and hard work, they know hard work pays sitting and wishing can only waste time, and they understand the value of time, hard work and action.

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6. Never stick

Losers always stick to one thing and crib about it, if anything goes wrong, losers either blame or crib about it and easily quit whereas winners never stick to that same thing they try ways to get out of that mess, they always try to find out solution, because they know that regretting will do nothing but only waste their time and time is very precious hence they move on trying new ways.

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7. Flexible

Winners never afraid to change, they stay stubborn with their goals and passion but they act flexible with methods because they know changes are part of life hence they must accept changes and move accordingly.

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8. Never go with the flow

Winners never go with the flow,  they act for their goals and passion since start, they don’t wait until it becomes too late, for example, there are many people who have a believe that they should go the way life is taking them, they don’t have plans and goals for their life, they just go where life is taking them and one day suddenly problem arises in their life and no matter what they do to come out of that mess they fail, hence winner never go with the flow they have plans goals and they immediately take actions for it, winners don’t wait for long.

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Thank you do comment and share your views, what all difference you see between losers and winners and according to you what’s the Difference Between Winners and Losers.

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