How To Deal With Over Possessive Partner

How To Deal With Over Possessive Partner?

How To Deal With Over Possessive Partner?

Being Into a true genuine pure relationship is an awesome feeling, it gives you happiness, joy and motivation, But often in relationship people don’t understand the difference between protective lover or possessive lover and over possessive partner, It’s ok to be possessive but possessiveness should be innocent, it shouldn’t be aggressive, Often people don’t understand the difference between over possessive behavior and possessive behavior, there is a very thin line between possessive lover and over possessive lover, and over possessiveness kills the relationship. At some extent, another partner will able to take it, but at a certain point things will become worst and chances of saying “ ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” Will increase, Hence before your over possessive nature ruins your relationship and kills your commitment Overcome that behavior and Make your relationship smooth and comfortable.

Your over possessive nature will can lead your relationship to unhappiness, anxiety, anger and depression, hence Understand that being a protective and innocent possessive lover is good, Innocent possessive nature behavior gives empathy, shows love care, improves connectivity and makes your love more strong, but over possessiveness kills your relationship, because it takes freedom of the other partner, it takes the personal space of the other partner, over possessiveness takes the happiness of the other partner and this way relationship doesn’t survive for very long, Maybe sometimes your partner will not able to say how they feel when you always teach them what they should do, how they should do, but it’s your responsibility to understand that taking someone’s choice, decision and freedom will not work for a long time, and at certain point things will turn worst.

Protecting your partner from evil world, and taking their decision and freedom of choice is different, every individual has brain and everyone understands the difference between right and wrong, You should have that trust in them, when you always stop your partner for everything then this will make them feel as if you don’t trust them, hence overcome your over possessive nature because over possessive nature stops and ends freedom and later it kills relationship, Possessive nature strengthens relationship and builds trust and improve love and connection, Possessive lover protective lover never takes other partner choices and freedom, over possessive lover, never gives freedom and always want their partner to work and do things as they want.

Signs of over possessive partner:

  1. Over possessive partner will act different and weird, will be very angry if you don’t behave or do things as they ask you to do, they will start arguments, will blackmail you emotionally.
  2. They control you about your decision, for example they will control you from going out, they will ask many questions where you are going, why you are going, they will stop you to go out with your friends, they will also feel jealous and bad when you talk to other people opposite to your sex, if you go out for shopping with your family, even though they will keep on messaging you, they wanted to know every small thing you do, and they wanted to know each and every person you meet.
  3. They ask you to disconnect with your friends, they will never respect your personal space.
  4. They always control your dressing style, they always ask you to wear dresses as per their preference, they try to manipulate you, and they name their over possessive nature and behavior as love they say that they do all this because they love you.

Yes over possessive people love their partner a lot, but what they don’t understand that by taking someone freedom of choice freedom of decision will not improve their love life but it will kill other partner emotions love and relationship.

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How opposite partner feels with over possessive partner:

When an over possessive partner always demands his/her attention, this kind of behavior suffocates the other partner, because at some point of time everyone in this world needs personal space, so that they can think and stay in their own time with peace.

When an over possessive partner gets jealous and envy looking his/her partner talking to their friends, this makes other partner irritated because they feel that You have suspicious nature, sometimes you just need to trust.

When an over possessive partner asks too many questions about his/her whereabouts – this thing makes other partner feel locked under the bar, they feel as if they have no freedom, they have no choice.

When an over possessive partner tries to control all decision of their partners – this thing makes other partner feel irritated and gets frustrated.

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How to overcome possessive nature:

1. Trust your partner

Try to trust your partner, trust their decision, have trust that your partner will always love you and they know what is right and wrong, they won’t do anything which will affect your relationship and love, sometimes just trusting your partner can do everything.

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2. Find out the reason for over possessive behavior

Find out the root cause which is the major reason of you feeling over possessive, whether its insecurity, fear from your past relationship or anything which has happened to you in your childhood, you must figure out the reason which is affecting your present relationship.

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3. Be open

Tell your partner why you feel so over possessive, what are the reasons which aren’t allowing you to trust them, talk to them clearly, don’t sound as if you are blaming, talk as if you are sharing your feelings with them. Try to open up to them about your feelings, don’t fight argue just share.

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4. Know each other friends

There is nothing wrong in knowing each other’s friend, wrong is asking your partner to end the friendship, wrong is not trusting, wrong is sabotaging your partner’s friendship, hence to trust each other know each other’s friend go out together.

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5. Live let live

You enjoy as well as allow your partner to enjoy, have your own friends, hobbies and social life, enjoying your own life isn’t bad, there is a big difference between enjoying and cheating, and when you have trust and love then enjoying own life isn’t bad, people who love each other genuinely and with pure heart, never hurt each other, they value each other space and freedom, hence enjoy your life and allow your partner to enjoy theirs.

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6. Rules for relationship

Being in a pure and genuine relationship is an awesome feeling, and to have healthy relationship must follow some rules

  1. Never lie
  2. Always trust
  3. Respect each other’s freedom, personal space.

Loving someone isn’t bad, but loving someone and taking their freedom isn’t right, Love is pure, hence filled that love with care, respect and trust, don’t ruin it by over possessive behavior.

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