Importance of Friendship Bond

Importance of Friendship Bond

What is the Importance of Friendship Bond?

As you all must have heard the saying that with most of the relationships we don’t get choice. We can’t choose our parents family siblings, But there is one relationship where we have choice, we can make wise choices and that relationship is friendship, we have choice to choose our friends hence we must make a wise decision and choices, We must understand the importance of friendship & Importance of Friends in our lives, good surrounding good friends can make our lives and bad surrounding bad friends can break our lives, because Since childhood we people spend most of our time with our friends.

At school, college, extra- curricular activities even at our work place or in business, we spend most of our time with our friends, hence it is one of the biggest and the most important decision for us to make while choosing with whom we want to spend our time, Friendship is a lovely bond which we share with our friends, It’s not compulsory to have friends to have this friendship bond, We people can create this bond with our family with our parents with our siblings with our loved ones, hence need friends to create friendship bond isn’t compulsory, but having friendship bond plays really very important in your life and in every individuals life, Because sometimes you need someone in your life with whom you can share everything, we need someone who understands us, we need someone with whom we don’t need to become something else, with whom we can stay the way we are, we can laugh cry in front of them and to have that trustworthy bond that yes no matter what happens this person will never going to betray me,

This kind of bond gives you security, gives you hope that yes in this world there is someone who is going to be with me no matter what happens, hence to have such bond, trust believe is really important, it’s not necessary that you will get good friends always, No People can be bad, your choice can be wrong and this wrong choice and wrong influence can ruin your life, As I always say Environment surrounding matters, and peer influence and pressure can make your life or can break your life.

For example, if you have a friend who always asks you to bunk classes and go for a movie or influence you to smoke, this influence can ruin your health and your focus, hence always surround yourself with positive friends and always have positive friendship bond either with your friends, family or with your loved ones, Because positive surrounding and positive peer influence can make your life easy and successful.

Today I will share how positive friendship bond can influence your Life in a positive way.

Importance of Friendship
1. Influence thought and behavior
2. Having good friends makes life easy and happy
3. Learning process
4. Friendship can make you open minded
5. Different doesn’t mean bad

1. Influence thought and behavior

Your friends play a very important role in your life and they can influence your thought process and behavior, nowadays people have online friends and in person friends, and both can influence your thought and behavior, and it’s you who must understand which influence is bad and good, if someone asks you to smoke is it a bad influence or good, of course, it’s bad and if someone ask you to quit smoking and advise you to be focus towards your career and life then such bond and influence can make your life, hence always have positive influence around you.

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2. Having good friends makes life easy and happy

Having good friends helps you in your difficult times, and also try to cheer you up whenever you feel low and whenever you are upset, friends can make you happy because they can understand you very nicely and they know you better than others.

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3. Learning process

Having childhood friend plays a vital role in framing your learning process, if you have a friend who is good in studies then that friend of yours for sure influence you to study well and you by yourself give much attention towards studies because you will be influenced that way by your friend, but if you have a friend who always likes to argue fight with other for every small thing then there are high chances you will get influence and turn to the wrong direction.

For example, if your friend loves reading, then he for sure share his ideas and knowledge with you, and that will for sure influence you and even you start reading, hence a good friend can shape your mind positively and can increase your learning process.

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4. Friendship can make you open minded

Teen friendship can influence romantic bond, suppose you have a friend who always passes cheap comments and bad comments towards girls and staying around them will also influence you to have bad thinking and this bad influence will never able to make you understand the importance of romantic bond, but good friends always respect others and always teach you the importance of respect hence staying around positive bond can make your romantic bond stronger.

Good friendship changes your conservative thinking and fixed mindset to a growth mindset, they make you understand the importance of positive thinking and importance of respecting people, they help you to stay calm and humble, and they make you kind and supportive.

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5. Different doesn’t mean bad

We usually do friendship with those who have similar traits or thinking like us,  but we should try to become friends with someone who is different from us, and here different doesn’t mean bad, people who are different from you doesn’t mean they are bad, suppose you have shy type of nature and you don’t open up easily, they being friend with someone who is jolly and bubbly by nature and is talkative is not bad, you can learn from her, you can learn to be confident from her.

But you don’t like to smoke and someone who smokes and ask you to do so, then being with such friends and such influence can ruin your health, hence its on you to make a choice, it’s you who will decide with whom you want to connect, with whom you want to get influenced.

Friends can make your life and can also make your life miserable, But as I always say It’s You who have choice, it’s you who needs to understand the difference between good and bad influence, no one can force you, it’s your life and you have free will, We are God’s unique and the most amazing creature and the reason we are amazing is because we have free will, and it’s on us how we want to use that free will,  You want to use it by being good and by staying around good influence or by being bad and staying around bad influence. The choice is Yours.

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These are Importance of Friendship. Thank You Do comment and share. And share your views about Importance of friendship and about good and bad influence.

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