How Anger Affects Your Life

How Anger Affects Your Life

How Anger Affects Your Life?

Every day we face challenges and situations that trigger our emotions, sometimes it can be good emotions which trigger us such as happiness, joy, pleasure but most of the time we tend to face negative emotions such as anger. Nowadays people get angry very easily.

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Nowadays people don’t only get angry on others whom they know but also with people whom they don’t know for example social media plays a very important role in generating negative emotions in people. I am not saying that social media only has negative effects, but it is somewhere influencing people negatively. It is somewhere the reason for anger and hatred amongst people. Many unwanted and negative posts are shared on social media, which influence people negatively.

In today’s world people are always busy, hence if they get caught in traffic, and if they get late for work, they start getting angry at other people or drivers, if any friends of yours say anything bad about you, instead of forgiving, you get angry and plan for revenge, I have noticed nowadays people are just ready to fight at any moment, While travelling, while walking on road or even while browsing their cell phones or any social media account, People don’t think logically, they just want to prove themselves right in every situation, And that proving attitude triggers anger or negative emotions in people.

Getting angry or having anger emotion is very normal and is very obvious, its normal to feel angry when you are sad or disturbed or disappointed, but Expressing your anger matters, How you express your anger, It’s ok to be angry but it’s not ok to express your anger in a bad way, Because Anger not only affects you but also affects your loved ones, and people who are around you and expressing anger in a wrong way can affect your life badly, hence understand that it’s ok to be angry on something or on someone, but there’s always a way to express your anger or emotions, As it always says “NEVER MAKE ANY PROMISE OR COMMITMENT WHEN YOU ARE HAPPY AND NEVER SAY ANYTHING OR MAKE DECISIONS WHEN YOU ARE ANGRY.”

Because anger not expressed properly or in a right way will always take you towards the direction of regret, guilt, and unhappiness, hence always learn the way to handle your anger in a proper manner, because wrongly handle anger can affect your life in a wrong way, your wrongly expressed Anger can affect your life in many ways, it can take away your mental peace and joy.

How Anger Affects Your Life:

1) Anger can affect your loved ones

People have a different way of expressing their anger, either they boil the anger inside of them and isolate themselves or they say bad or hurtful words to others, both ways are not right, both ways will take you away from your loved ones, anger cultivates hatred feeling within people and your wrongly expressed anger can take you away from your loved ones, Many people at home constantly do nagging, such nagging behavior of them ruin their emotional bond, hence always express your anger in a right way, when you don’t understand your partner’s certain behavior or opinion confront them, talk to them politely and in smooth and soft manner make them understand what you didn’t like and what made you upset,  Never shout or say anything bad especially when you are angry, because spoken words can never be taken back, hence control your words when you are in anger.

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2) Anger spoils your peace

I can understand that sometimes it’s not easy to let go your anger, sometimes you get angry for a valid reason and sometimes it’s very hard to forgive someone and move on, for example, your partner or the person you trusted a lot cheated you or lied to you, I know it can be very difficult to forgive them and to be normal, But if you don’t forgive and don’t let go your anger, you will always stay in the prison, you’ll become a prisoner of your past anger, And that anger will only destroy your peace, That anger will force you and your brain to take revenge and remember taking revenge will never be a solution, it won’t give you peace of mind, but moving on and forgetting your past and believing that you deserve better will give you peace of mind, and sometimes not reacting and forgiving people who cheated you can be the best revenge, because forgiving shows that they don’t affect you or your life and you deserve better.

Proving people wrong can be the best revenge for example if someone says that you can’t do anything, instead of getting angry, take that as a challenge and prove those people wrong, Always learn to express anger in a right way in a positive way.

Saying bad or hurtful words in anger or hitting someone in anger is very obvious and it’s a disgusting way of expressing anger, Proving someone wrong and becoming successful is a right way to express your anger, always remember action speaks louder than words, action means your achievements, accomplishment, and success.

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3) Anger can affect your work life

In anger your focus gets distracted, your focus shifts from productivity to hatred and revenge, such lack of focus will only destroy your work output, hence in anger become more focused on your work, try to put your anger energy on your work, when you get angry instead of continuously thinking the same thing or situation, just shift your thinking to some work, that shift of thinking will calm down your anger and also help you to avoid wasting your work hours.

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4) Anger can affect your health

When you hold anger, it not only affects others but also affects your body and mind,  when you get angry you say a lot of things which later make you feel bad and guilty, most of the time you regret and wish that you wouldn’t have said it, you wish to erase that time, but erasing time is impossible hence you start living your life under guilt and embarrassment which directly or indirectly affect your body and heart and most of the time it becomes the reason for your depression.

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5) Anger can affect your relationship

Many times, people vent out their anger on wrong people or can say on innocent people, for example, a husband is in anger because of office work, but removes all his anger on his wife and children, this way husband hurt the innocent people, hurt people who have nothing to do with your anger or bad mood, hence always understand never mix your personal and professional life, both are different lives and you need to handle it properly, never remove your anger or frustration on wrong or innocent people, because wrong expression can affect your relationship, hence learn to keep calm and stay composed, instead of removing your anger on innocent people, just tell them calmly that you are not in a mood because of some reason and will talk later, and later when you feel alright, confront them what was upsetting or disturbing you.

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Never remove your anger on innocent people, handle your emotions properly, calmly and politely.

This is the end of “How Anger Affects Your Life”. Thank you

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