Public Speaking Techniques

Public Speaking Techniques

Public speaking techniques is an art and also very vital and important in every individual’s life. No one can say that they can live their life without communicating with anyone, even introvert person has to come out of their shell at a certain point so that they can grow in their lives. Communication is the backbone of our society. People who are good in public speaking, who has the skill of public speaking, they are the ones who are good in connecting with different people. They are the ones who have the capability to influence other people and their decisions and they are capable enough to motivate others. People with great public speaking skills often turn to be a great leader. They know how to influence public and keep them motivated all the time. A good public speaker knows how to impress people and audiences.

As I have said, public speaking or communicating with large audience or to strangers is an art. Very few people are confident enough to speak graciously in front of  large number of crowd, but that doesn’t mean that a person can’t master an art of public speaking. No one is born confident or with public speaking skill, everyone learn and grow in this world. Hence anyone can master an art of public speaking by following certain public speaking techniques.

Public speaking techniques are not very tough techniques, all techniques and simple it’s just requires a daily implementation and practice. You must do one thing daily which fear you the most. If you find difficulty to talk to any stranger, you must try to connect with different people, this thing will improve your confidence which is really very needed in your public speaking skill.

As we all know that without communication skill and public speaking skill it is impossible for anyone to see progress in their lives. At certain point we all are required to speak, to communicate, public speaking is one of the most important and also the most fearful forms of communication. Many people around the world have fear of public speaking. They face anxiety and stress when they get to appear on stage or when they get into situation where they are asked to face strangers or crowd. This happens because people by themselves believe that public speaking is really very difficult and those who able to do it properly they are born talented, but this is nothing but just a misconception.

Everyone every individual has the capability to learn and improve. Hence even You can easily learn public speaking techniques and can overcome your fear of public speaking and can also overcome public speaking anxiety. Public speaking techniques need to be practical and should be implemented on a regular basis.

I have noticed many students have a fear of public speaking. They like to sit in the back of the classroom and avoid raising their hands to answer any question. They never try to participate in any activities, because they have a fear of public speaking. They try to avoid such situations, they feel that communicating or doing public speaking activities isn’t require but they fail to understand that after school or after college they need to move out of their shell. The real world requires confidence and dealing with different people, real life requires good public speaking skill, only then they will be able to see growth and success in their lives. Without dealing with people getting success is nearly impossible. If students want to grow they must learn Public Speaking Techniques.

Today will share some Public speaking techniques, tips and tricks to overcome its fear and anxiety:

1. Talk about what you love

You must take a topic about which they know a lot and talk about that topic is something. They love to do, because your love and passion for a particular topic will be felt and loved by the audience, and talking about your favorite topic will also make you more confident and less anxious, don’t try to avoid such situations where you are needed to talk in front of many people, try to participate in every activities which requires public speaking, this will improve your public speaking skill and also make you more confident, facing fear since your childhood days will make you a very confident adult, hence face your public speaking fear.

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2. Practice makes you great

If you never face audience and feel that one day suddenly you can become a great public speaker then this is your wrong believe, because even a great leaders practice daily, because they know if they stop practicing then they can lose their position, hence practice is must, you need to start improving your public speaking skill from today,  hence before going for speech or presentation do practice, record yourself, look you say how is your tone, your voice, after recording your speech listen and then see where needs improvement, if you want to gain more confidence try to speak in front of your friends and family and ask them to correct you where they feel you are going wrong.

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3. Always feel confident

Whenever you are about to face crowd, tell yourself that you are a confident person, you are brave and you are happy that you are facing so many people, feel excited feel energetic and in order to feel this, relax your mind with quick exercises, do winning posture, always keep your gesture and postures positive, take more space to stand and sit and meditate for some time so that can avoid negative energy, before facing crowd learn quick exercises which trigger excitement and happiness in your mind.

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4. Be focused what you want to say

When you focus on your work, your focus moves from nervousness and anxiety and you get control in your hands, hence concentrate on the main message of your speech or presentation, make a goal that you have to deliver your best speech, make a goal that you want to deliver a great message to others.

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5. Always learn

Learn from books, gain knowledge, knowledge not only gives you wisdom but also makes you confident, A knowledgeable person can speak in front of thousand people and everyone will listen to him/her, knowledge gives you wisdom and also makes you confident, hence to become a great public speaker knowledge and learning is must.

You should learn from other great speakers, you should learn their techniques, should read great public speakers book, should learn from them and should improve regularly.

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6. Grab the attention

In order to become a good public speaker, you must know how to grab public attention, you must talk as per their perspective, you should understand your audience, your voice tone must be energetic, you should share stories, and you should give examples so that audiences can stay connected.

To become a great public speaker, or to gain that much confidence so that can speak in front of people, you first need to face your fear, you should take action, you should stand and participate in your class, don’t worry about good or bad or what others will say if you go wrong or make any mistake, just think about how to gain confidence, because this confidence will make you a great public speaker in future, hence always be positive and face your fear.

And in order to become confident learn from great people, read books, knowledge, and learning will make you a confident person and people will admire you.

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7. How to avoid the fear of public speaking

In order to avoid the fear of public speaking first, you need to organize yourself means to organize your thoughts and material. This organizes this will help you to feel calm and relax, second you need to practice in order to avoid fear and anxiety. Third eliminate the fear of rejection, before facing public you need to eliminate the fear of rejection, In order to become a great public speaker and to avoid fear you need to watch yourself, you need to focus on your expressions, voice, tone, gestures, body language.

As you all must be aware that person’s body language plays a great role in public speaking, At time of public speaking not only you speak but your body also speaks hence it needs to be proper, hence do watch your body language and tone it must be proper so that people get connected and stay connected till the end of your speech.

In order to avoid fear and anxiety, you must focus on your breathing, because when you focus on your breathing your voice will have more depth and you will feel relax, stay on rhythm breath calmly, breathing calmly and focusing on breath is public speaking exercise because it reduces stress and improves clarity in all areas of your life.

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8. Try to avoid sugary food before speech or presentation

You must drink room temperature water along with lemon that will help you and will keep you energetic and awake, try to avoid sugary food before any important meeting or speech, because it will make you feel low down and sleepy, and be yawning while giving presentation or while communicating is the worst thing you can do, hence have proper diet before any important work.

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9. Have knowledge of what you speak

Usually people have anxiety and fear because they don’t know what they speak, hence there is a saying in public speaking that a person should know 100 words for every word that they speak, you must be aware of what you are going to speak , you should have an in-depth knowledge and information about your topic, knowing almost everything about your topic will give you confidence, hence knowledge is must.

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These are the best 9 Public Speaking Techniques. Hope you will like it.

There are many successful people who have Public speaking anxiety, Warren Buffet was amongst those people who had fear and anxiety of public speaking, but he didn’t accept it. He worked hard, he forced himself to communicate with different people. He didn’t accept his weakness. He practiced public speaking techniques over and over again and finally, he improved his public speaking skills and today he is one of the successful person and investor. Hence never allow your weakness to influence you, fight and improve, learn and grow.

Thank you.

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