The Compound Effect Summary By Darren Hardy

The Compound Effect Summary By Darren Hardy

Blog Title: The Compound Effect Summary By Darren Hardy
Name: The Compound Effect
Author: Darren Hardy
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The Compound Effect
The Compound Effect Summary

Before The Compound Effect Summary let’s first discuss the book’s author Darren Hardy. Darren is an American Author, Keynote speaker, advisor and also a former publisher of success magazine, He is one of the best-selling authors who has written some very amazing books such as The entrepreneur roller coaster, Living your best year ever and the Compound Effect.

The Compound Effect book is for people who want to be successful. This book demonstrates to readers that anyone can become successful by implementing good habits over time, anyone can achieve goals and can gain success in their lives, in this book author wants readers to understand the importance of maintaining good habits, author says that having good habits gives you more happiness, positivity and focus.

What is the Compound effect?

The compound effect is a strategy of getting huge success or rewards from small seemingly insignificant actions, the author says that people can’t improve on something until and unless they don’t measure it,  author ask people to take responsibility, every person should take 100 percent responsibility for things that happen to them.

The author says that Consistency is the ultimate key to success. Author wants readers to understand that small choice including consistency and time will give significant results. The author says that knowledge is power but knowledge which isn’t invested is nothing but just a waste. The author says that every human has an opportunity to become lucky, if you are living in the free world where you have your free will it means you are lucky. The author says that the very first step towards change is awareness and the best way you can be aware is to measure.

Let’s begin with The Compound Effect Summary:

The Compound Effect Summary Chapter 1:


Here author says that have you ever heard the saying or can say expression which says that “Slow and steady you can win the race.” The author says have you ever heard about a story of the tortoise and the hare? Where tortoise won slowly steadily,  hence here author want to say that small actions can lead you to huge rewards and outcome, you can win any competition at any time, not because you are the best or the smartest  or the fastest, you will become successful and win because of your positive habits,  author says that he is the biggest believer of consistency, and consistency is the ultimate key to success,  Author says that he is the live example of consistency and how consistency can lead to success, and for this positive habit he thanks his dad.

Author says that compound effect will give you huge rewards and that too with small subtle actions, actions will be so small that you won’t feel the pain, and compound effect will not only related to your work or professional life but will help you to improve any relationship and also plays vital role in improving your health.

Author says many people don’t understand the simplicity of compound effect, Compound effect actions are so small easy that it will not so immediate result to you, but consistency will bring the huge reward,

For example, many people stop running or walking after 8 days because they still find themselves overweight, but they don’t understand that quitting will not take them anywhere but compound effect small actions will for sure give you huge reward, it won’t give immediate reward but it will for sure give reward that too huge, and will bring radical difference.

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The Compound Effect Summary Chapter 2:


Author says that we all came to this world the same, we were naked, scared and ignorant, author says our life is simply an accumulation of all the choices we make, author says that our choices can be our best friend or it can be our worst enemy,  our choices can take us to our goals or can give us wrong direction or way,  Have a thought, everything which you have at this moment is because of your choices,  choices are the actual root of your results, every choice you make at first starts with your behavior and then ultimately becomes habit,  hence if you make poor choices, then ultimately you increase chances of making more harder choices and if you think of not making any choice at all then you will ultimately choose to go with the flow and you just make a choice of becoming a passive receiver of whatever comes your way. At the start you make choices and later choices start making you, hence you need to be very careful with your choices, every single choice needs to be taken carefully.

Hence this chapter is about becoming aware of and making choices because your choices will make your life.

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The Compound Effect Summary Chapter 3:


In this chapter author has shared an example of wise teacher and a student, where teacher was taking a stroll through the forest with a young student and while strolling the forest that teacher stood in front of a tiny tree, where she asked that young student to pull up that sapling, that student easily pulled it out, then again teacher asked that student to remove sprout which was just coming out from the earth, young student followed his teacher order and removed it out with his two fingers, then again teacher asked that student to remove another sapling which had grown to about knee high of a boy, with little efforts that boy made it possible and tree came up with roots and all, again that teacher asked boy to remove well-developed evergreen, again that boy followed his teacher instruction and with all efforts and hard work and by throwing sticks and stones he managed and finally got tree to lose, And when again teacher asked him to pulled another tree which was the biggest and the huge tree and boy can hardly see the tree height, with this that boy said I am sorry but I can’t.

Then to this wise teacher replied,  that he has just demonstrated the power of habits will have over your life, teacher said the older your habit will become the bigger they get and the bigger they get the dipper their roots grow, and the more dipper the roots will go the harder it will become to remove it, and it will become so harder than you even hesitate to try.

Hence our habits should be made wisely, at the start it will look easy but as it becomes old it becomes tough and eventually, your habit will make your life. For example, if you think that you can leave smoking habit anytime then this might be your wrong thought, because ones it becomes your dipper level habit then removing it will be very hard and at a certain level you won’t even try to remove it.

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This is the end of The Compound Effect Summary. This book contains very useful chapters if you want this free audiobook then can take it from the given links.:

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