Why Is Attention Important

Why Is Attention Important?

Why Is Attention Important?

1. Attention is must for our success
2. Attention is must for the learning process
3. Attention makes you good in taking the decision
4. Attention charged our brain
5. Attention makes you live in the moment

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Let’s begin in detail Why Is Attention Important?

1) Attention is must for our success

as I said above, attention directly or indirectly affects our success journey, because it is linked with our focus and concentration, hence when you lack in the skill of attention then you will for sure become weak in your focus and concentration, as we all know action needs focus and concentration to have a successful performance, hence directly or indirectly attention is really very important for our successful life.

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2) Attention is must for the learning process

Attention is the basis of the learning process,  Attention is needed in every act whether we are listening, reading, playing etc because our attention will bring the positive outcome, lack of attention will only create the disturbance and bring negative outcome, hence your every single act requires your 100 percent attention.

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3) Attention makes you good in taking the decision

As we all know attention is a limited and selective process, hence this limitation of attention will ask you and your brain to put your focus on important things, not on urgent things, hence attention will make you a choice maker, will make you a responsible person, will help you to know your clear goals, hence be wise with your choices and decision, always pay attention to important task.

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4) Attention charged our brain

Attention works on alertness and arousal, the very first step of attention is alert and arousal, for example, if we listen or do something the very first thing is we feel alert and aroused, we feel as if our battery is charged like our brain have the energy to put our focus on a task, just the way our body needs physical energy to run similarly our mind needs mental energy to work, and this energy is given to us by attention, attention gives energy and power to our brain to focus on something.

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5) Attention makes you live in the moment

We all know mindfulness, and attention works better and the best when you focus on your present on-going task for example, if you are having dinner with your family, then concentrate on that present moment without getting distracted, because the moment you get distracted your power of attention gets weak, hence attention requires mindfulness, be present in the present moment with your body, soul, and mind.  Always stay in the moment because when you learn to stay in the moment you learn to develop your attention skill, hence always pay attention to the present task or to the present moment.

This is the end of “Why Is Attention Important?”. Hope you will like it. Thank you.

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