Education System In India - Flaws

Education System In India – Flaws

Flaws of Education System in India?

Even after Getting Independence India is still a developing country. There are many reasons But one of the Major reason is Education system In India. We all know the importance of education in every individual’s life. Education not only helps us but also helps our country economy and also make our country grow and takes the country to the peak of success. Education system plays a vital role in every aspect of our lives, but still our country India is lacking behind in the field of education, the Indian government is trying to do something different in the field of education but still, there is some problem which is shaking Indian education system completely.

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Today I will talk about the reasons which are not allowing students to come out of their shell, we all know that students and children are our country’s future. They are the ones who will be going to grow our country but still, there are things which are not allowing them to become confident when I see our education system in India compare to other countries education system, I see many flaws inside schools, colleges and inside every individual. I will not talk about the cost of an education system in India, or about expensive higher education, we all are aware of it but I will talk about the things which are not letting student grow from inside which is not allowing them to become confident.

So let’s begin with flaws of Education System In India:

1. Rural Education

Maximum Area of India is covered by the rural area, in rural areas, 50 percent population is of youngsters, and they are in need of education, and as we know youngsters children are future of our country, but in rural areas there are lack of good schools and colleges, children and youngsters had to travel far to get an education, and only few who are good in terms of earning able to send their children to city and rest remains without education and in rural areas there are some schools but in that school’s teachers are not very much skilled, teachers by themselves have no knowledge, there is no proper infrastructure, there is lack of teachers dedication towards their students.

For example, I have seen teachers in some villages where they are least interested towards student growth and education compare to cell phones, they are more into their cell phones then children growth.

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2. Favoritism to some

The biggest reason why a student doesn’t grow mentally and doesn’t come out of the shell is education system in India. Usually, teachers have some kind of soft corner for toppers. Toppers usually get all limelight in front of students who are considered average or failure as per education system, instead of treating every student equally, partiality has being done with average students. Toppers are considered first in everything, whether we talk about electing monitors head monitors or about anything, toppers are given priority, everything is judged in terms of grades and marks, students who score good grades and marks are considered good in everything whether we talk about school function, whether about getting lead roles in plays etc.

Teachers education system forgets that every student is talented and has skills if they are not good in studies that don’t mean they can’t become the head monitor of a monitor of their class, it doesn’t mean they are not good in dance or in acting or in any other skill. And this partiality favoritism is something which isn’t allowing a child to grow mentally because this partiality makes a child feel as if they are not good at anything.

I will not talk about all schools, nowadays in many schools elections have been done for selecting their class or school monitor, but still, there are many schools where same old techniques are being used for everything and that is good grades and marks technique student who score well Is considered good in everything.

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3. Discouragement

Biggest fault and flaws of Education System in India is discouraging students instead of encouraging them, Instead of supporting student many teachers discourage students, they don’t even realize that child’s brain and mind is very sensitive, whatever they listen it stays in their mind and this is a very sensitive matter, Here I will not only talk about education system but about our Indian parents as well, usually they compare, discourage their children, by thinking that this discouragement and comparison will help them in future, will encourage them to do good, but no things aren’t like this, student children always needs support care and love.

They want their teachers their education system and their parents to understand them, understand their skill and talent, they always want encouragement not only related to good grades but also related to their choice and talent.

Many students children die not because of an education system in India but because of partiality, because of not understanding them, because of not allowing them to choose what they want, and because of not encouraging them towards their talent and skill.

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4. Being judgmental

In India many people already form their opinions, they feel if child is not good in studies he or she will never able to do anything good in their lives, if child goes to art field they will for sure become teacher, if student choose science only then they can become successful, and all this perception and opinions is not allowing a student to grow mentally,

For example, teachers parents our society always teaches us if we want to become successful then we need to study good, we need to score good, we need to choose science field, we need to always pass if we fail we will not be able to survive in this cruel world, But the actual fact is failure is a stepping stone I am here not saying you to fail but I am saying you not to get afraid of failure and learn from it. Your talent and hard work will give you success, not any one’s opinion or judgment.

Education system in India always tells us about getting good grades and good marks but never tells us about the reality, what all things actually student requires to face reality, they never talk about confidence, communication skills and other things, and this lack of reality teaching never allows student to grow mentally and never allow student to come out of their shell and become confident.

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5. More pressure than inspiration

Since childhood we are not encouraged to focus on any other activities then studies, always pressure is given on our heads related to exams, syllabus and good future, but what about inspiration? What about the things in which we are good and can become topper in that, why those other activities are not considered under syllabus, why we Indian students are not getting right to choose skills in which we can grow, why we are not getting more practical knowledge compare to theoretical.

I have seen people more satisfied and happy working for their passion and dream compare to those who get influenced by our society and education system. Example I have seen many people who get depressed if they don’t get a job, they feel that job is the only way and source to earn money, but I ask you all like seriously job is the only way we can earn and improve our life? No, as per me no, the only way of earing is just a mentality, if we have that passion there are always many ways to earn, the thing which requires is hard work smart work and burning desire. Hence always have growth mentality.

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There are many more flaws under education system and under every individual which isn’t allowing student to grow mentally and hence it’s everyone’s responsibility if we want to see our country grow then we need to start bringing change, we need to care about our future generation, as it says if you want to see the change then become that change, Everyone wants change but nobody wants to bring that change. We need to understand our responsibility towards our country.

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  1. Sir Your Articles Are Very Much Motivative & Inspirational.I’m Reading Selp Improvemental Books You are Recommending.And Follow your every Principles Given In your websites And video.Thank You very much for doing Such a well job.
    I’m a student Recently studying in class 11.And I really want to learn more.So sir,please continue with your work.You are a Amazing.

  2. Compared to US our education system is very minimal. In India, only the students brilliant in studies can survive.

    Recent recearch shows ” 80% success depends on soft skills, only 20% depends on technical skills”…


  3. These days there is theory about flaws in current education system world wide.. so if we are able to improve it to the extent of western world even then it is objectionable and questionable.. what do you say about it seeken brother…

  4. the education system of our country is old so our country is not develop country still after freedom is developing country. our education system was structured by” Machole” who said i have designed structure of education so that no one will be genius. every one will be indian only by body but his mind will be diverted. this country will alway poor undeveloped because of education system.

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