How to Break a Habit

How to Break a Habit: 5 Easy Steps

How to Break a Habit into 5 Easy Steps?

Breaking a habit is not an easy task. There is a saying, You can’t change your life until and unless you do not change something you do daily, hence you want to change your life then you need to change the things you do daily. Whatever you do daily becomes your habit and one’s habit forms, then spending a day without doing it will make you feel guilty and stressed. For example, you get up early in the morning and brush your teeth and take bath all these things becomes you habit, anything you do on a regular basis becomes your habit and you mind take it as a compulsory action hence any day goes without doing it will make you feel sad and upset, because your mind will make you feel as if something is missing, hence similar process happens when a person forms a bad habit for example if person smokes regularly then this will become his habit and this bad habit will for sure not improve his health. The difference between Positive habit and negative habit is, positive habit helps you to grow and negative habit holds you back.

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Today I am not only talking about health-related bad habits but also about mental related bad habits, for example, many people immediately after getting up in the morning goes and check their phone notification or start their day with watching televisions news etc., the reason they do it regularly because this small action done by them before has become their habit and this will for sure come under bad habit, because browsing phone, reading useless news will start their day with negativity which will affect their mind and peace.

We all have some kind of bad habit and the biggest problem is we are not realizing how bad it can be mentally and physically, hence today I will share some points which will help you to overcome and break your bad habits.

How to Break a Habit 1: Be honest and know your Trigger

The very first step to overcome your bad habit is being honest to yourself about what’s going on, because you can’t change something until and unless you are not willing to accept your bad habits, sometimes it can be hard to recognize your own bad habits but it’s really important to know your bad habits which you want to change, because change can happen only when you know what things actually require change, hence you need to sit and need to introspect yourself. Look at your behavior and really be honest to yourself.

The very second step after identifying your bad habits is to understand the triggers which set your bad habits into motion. For example, if you notice that you smoke whenever you feel upset and sad, then that stressed is your trigger, then find out what stresses you what makes you worry? And to identify your trigger and bad habits you need to introspect yourself.

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How to Break a Habit 2: Visualization

Here you need to visualize yourself after overcoming those negative bad habits, such as if you identify that your bad habit is smoking and what triggers you to smoke is stress then you must visualize your life without smoking habit, you need to visualize your life healthy happy and successful, this visualization will motivate you and help you to overcome that bad habit.

No goal can be achieved without a proper vision hence to overcome any bad habit you need to visualize your happy life without those bad habits.

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How to Break a Habit 3. Excuses

There is a saying “Commit to stop making excuses, when we make excuses, we lie to ourselves and continue bad habits.”-Joyce Meyer

If you really want to overcome your bad habits then you need to be committed because just by wishing you will never able to overcome your bad habits, when you commit yourself it means you are serious towards your changing life and when you make excuses means you just lie to yourself and lies never stays for a long time, hence for permanent benefits commit to yourself do not make excuses.

For example, I will stop smoking from tomorrow, only today I smoke etc., and these kinds of excuses will never improve you.

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How to Break a Habit 4: Sure about Replacing and be consistent

We people can’t change our bad habits, or we can’t get rid of them, but what we can do is we can replace our bad habits with good ones. For example if you have bad habit of smoking and trigger is stress and sadness then replace that smoking habit with walking, means whenever you feel stress or upset instead of smoking go out for a walk, this walk will not only make you feel calm and peaceful but also keep you healthy, and you need to do it whenever you feel sad or upset, hence you must replace your bad habits with good ones. You need to be consistent, a just one-day replacement will not work hence be consistent whenever you get a trigger for bad habit replace it with good one.

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How to Break a Habit 5: Be kind

We all know that overcoming bad habits is really not easy and hence you need to be kind to yourself, you need to be patient with yourself, you don’t need to force yourself, you need to treat yourself very patiently and calmly, hence whenever you find that your bad habits are trying to move you backward, then relax yourself and be patient and move on, try unless you don’t get successful.

We all have bad habits, and when we genuinely decide to overcome those bad habits we actually free ourselves and move towards improvement and developing ourselves.

To avoid going backward, give a reward to yourself, prepare goal list and complete it and then give a reward to yourself.

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